#PinkLips for Breast Cancer Awareness - October 2015

#PinkLips people, yes I know but this was one of the images I posted in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On to Pink Lips. Totally unprepared, I decided to do a #PinkLipsChallenge in October but there were certain factors that weren't considered so it was kind of incomplete *covers face*.

First, I don't like Pink so doing pink lips for any number of days is a challenge. Second, because I don't like pink, I don't favour pink lip colours so don't have a lot of them. Third, the planning element was missing so a couple of days were missed here, there and eventually everywhere.

Beauty Blogging 101 | Why I'm Doing This | Watch

I've been a beauty blogger for about 5 years now and throughout that time, I've read soooooooo many posts, articles, hints, tidbits and generally absorbed as much as I could about being a better blogger. 

The Nigerian Beauty Blogger - Beauty Blogging 101

Ever since my appearance on the Beyond Beauty Blogging panel at #SMW2015, I knew I wanted to do something educative for Beauty Bloggers and in fact amateur bloggers in general. I eventually came up with a workshop of sorts but hey, we all love freebies (including me) and only pay for things when we can determine that the value is intangible or when we are ready to go deeper and make a financial commitment.

#MyStyle | A Week in Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We have the Genevieve Foundation Run|Walk|Cycle for Breast Cancer Awareness this Saturday, the Beauty in Lagos Pink Nails contest and collaborations on Instagram and of course my #PinkLips challenge also on Instagram.

I'm not a fan of pink but we are promoting it for a good cause and since I've decided to be part of this, I figured I'd do something a little extra - what if I had to wear a touch of Pink everyday for 7 days? Anything I wanted. What would I wear and how would I wear it?

Here's my week in Pink in honour of #PinkOctober

Jiji.ng, Another OLX?

I've never been an online shopping kind of person. I binge on online shopping ie. spend over a 100k on +ASOS at once and never go back for over 2 years, do the same at +Konga.com and +Jumia Nigeria  when it was Sabunta and never go back. I've only shopped once on +Kaymu Nigeria and....well, it wasn't their fault what happened to the item though so I shall say nothing. I've never been on +OLX Nigeria either *covers face*

And now here is Jiji.ng.
This post is going to be a super short one and I'm sure you all can feel it, lol.

So, jiji.ng is a great solution for people who want to get the best things paying a minimum price and spending as less time as it is possible doing this. I skipped everything and headed straight to the Fashion & Beauty section which I'm super glad they do have (why is fashion & beauty always paired together though?), anyway, I went over there and while we are on it, I saw a waist trainer. Waist trainers are all the rage right now so I'm glad they are 'on trend'

Actually, accessories are the best here. All the things suggested are considered pre-owned: they are sold by real people from all over Nigeria, who post their adverts for free. To start with, 

  • follow the link. 
  • Then form the proper list by using sorting regimes (List or Gallery, Newest or Cheapest) to place the items in a desirable order. 
  • You can add several filters or type some keywords in the Search line. 
  • Click on an advert you like and get even more information about a particular item.
  • Then choose the best option and contact an owner.

D:\WORK\Даша тексти\Jiji - 3\_4. Платье, туфли, аксессуары\1.jpg
With Jiji, you don’t have to worry about anything. It has already taken care of the assortment and your security. Everything else depends on your common sense.

#MillesimexSwarovski at Mente de Moda. Win a Vintage Swarovski Piece

I've never worn a diamond before. Never had one, never got one and never bought one. I think I had one on my engagement ring but I can't be sure as I never quite got the chance to check it out. But, cut glass offers us the chance to wear sparkling, transparent, exclusive and very expensive jewelry. That is what Swarovski gives us.

Love Nails? Nectar Beauty Hub presents 'Africa's First Nail Art Competition' at Beauty Africa 2015

I've always loved to fix-up my nails. When I was little and wasn't allowed to do anything beauty, one thing I always wanted to do was grow my nails and use nail hardener on them to see them shine. But I got a good spanking every time my Mum saw that shine on them. I've never had log, slim fingers so naturally my nails aren't anything fantastic.

Working with The Nail Studio however has given me a change of mind especially with my introduction to acrylic nails and stick-on nails. Well, my nails are having a well deserved rest from all those falsies but that doesn't mean that the whole world is giving their fingers a rest too.

The Beauty Africa Conference and Exhibition 2015 is a couple of days away and nail lovers can have something to look forward to this time around as Nectar Beauty Hub has great plans for them.
Sooooooo, they are sponsoring Africa's First Nail Art Competition which will be taking place at Beauty Africa this year. They'll also be empowering technicians who've had no access to formal training or accreditation of any sort. They get to compete for jaw dropping prizes including professional training and a trip to Dubai!

There is also going to be a Free Skill Acquisition / Training for the Top 50 Applicants.

Date: 7th – 9th October, 2015 
Venue: Eko Convention Center, Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos, Nigeria

Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm

You've got to register people, of course. Here's what you have to do

To Register: Send video or pictures of you with your work via WhatsApp to 08024242656/ 080 24242650 / Email info@NectarBeautyHub.com
(pictures only to whatapp with applicants face and nail Art clearly in the picture)
ENTRY: 5,000 Naira OR $30, CV, Max 3mins (1 min for each category above)

Shortlisted candidates will be informed via email by the 28th of September 2015

Free training for shortlisted candidates will hold after the 2015 Beauty Africa Exhibition.

What do you think guys? Are you going to register?
I would if my nails weren't on a break *grin*

Vintage Styling & Being the New Face of Millesime by R & M

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about being the face of the New Millesime by R & M brand campaign...truthfully.

Why I Need A GoPro....I GOT THE GOPRO!

Hi guys,
this is just a very short post to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted a comment here on the blog or somewhere on social media when I published the Why I Need A GoPro post.
I just want to let you all know that WE DID IT!!!! I GOT THE GOPRO!!!
Lol, that's a mighty jumble of words but I needed to write it in all caps.

Thank you so so much guys!!!
And a huge thanks to +Jumia Nigeria for making sure my blogging game just went a notch higher, lol.
Still figuring out how to work the camera but trust me, that won't be for too long and we'll be setting out to do what we wanted to with it. Thanks for having my back and I assure you that we'll be having a lot of fun with this new baby of mine.

Why I Need A GoPro Camera

I'm setting myself up for this big time but the bible says ask and you will receive so I'm going out on a limb here and blatantly letting +Jumia Nigeria know that I need a +GoPro camera and I'm going to tell them why too.

Event | Infinix Zero2 Launch

A stylish piece of technology is a true reflection of how stylish you actually are?