Who is Barbara?

Hello, I am Barbara, I used to work as an Advertising Account Manager, but decided that Internet  Marketing had more appeal so that's my 9-5 job now. I'm also a professional makeup artist and you are here on my site so you know I'm a Beauty & Fashion blogger and  writer; I love books, everything vintage and natural hair. I'm a lover of comfort and all things classic, hence my tagline Classic & Comfortable

This blog was the result of a desire to teach girls/ladies/women how to apply their makeup simply, easily & beautifully using available products - Nigerian or otherwise.

I have full, luxurious natural hair too so that features quite a lot here too.

I was a speaker on ‘The Business of Beauty Blogging’ panel at the 2015 Social Media Week Lagos, I'm listed on the Top 20 Beauty & Fashion blogs to follow in 2015, a member of the Compass Consulting Beauty Think Tank for the Nigerian Beauty Industry and also on Spice TV Africa’s Top 20 African Bloggers to Watch.

OMG, there's so many things I love now - photography (90% of the pictures on this site were taken by me), consulting for small businesses (putting my advertising, branding & marketing experience to good use), vintage everything, collaborating with brands & providing people with information.

From a strong Christian background, I love God with everything in me, I love everything horror and prefer pants to skirts. My favourite colour is black but a little yellow, green or powder blue doesn't hurt either. Coincidentally I'm more often than not seen either with no makeup or nude makeup and occasionally red lipstick and super flicked winged eye liner.

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