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2 Nov 2015

What's in a scent? you ask. A lot. A lot more than we can imagine.
When I first started working with The Nail Studio and published a post asking what perfume I should review, La vie est belle came second after Si. That was my first contact with it and I did favour Si over it. Then I got a sample of La vie est belle. I wore it a lot and it grew on me. Then I went visiting a friend one day. We chatted for a while and then he asked if I could perceive something. Wondering what he could possibly mean, I replied in the negative. Then we had to check out something on +YouTube so we scooted closer together and he turned to me with a very serious face and said "Barbara, its you. What perfume do you have on? Whatever it is, make sure you wear it everyday"

I had just the small sample flacon of it but there and then decided that I'd get the full size. This was a couple of months ago. Last month, someone else decided to pay up on the perfume they owed me and asked what fragrance I wanted, I didn't hesitate, La vie est belle by +Lancome USA was my instant choice. 
I don't know what it is with Lancome but the little details they bring to their fragrances make all the difference for me. La vie est belle has a grey pointy ribbon at the neck of the flacon which gives it an overwhelmingly feminine flair. The flacon is actually shaped like a smile (rationale? When life is beautiful, you go around with a smile on your face, duh)
The signature Lancome rose at the very top of the flacon.
La vie est belle - life is beautiful, is a uniquely Iris gourmand fragrance with a mix of sweet and spicy. At first whiff, the top notes of Pear and Blackcurrant make you think it's a scent that disappears in a short while. But this 2012 creation by master perfumers Olivier, Dominique and Anne, knew that after over 5,000 creations, THIS was the One. 

Don't be deceived, this scent is strong. My nose does get used to it and makes it seem like the scent has disappeared but then all through the day, I get unexpected whiffs of it which make me feel super sexy even when I'm dressed the drabest. 

+Julia Roberts is the face of La vie est belle so you know for sure that with this fragrance, you really are just a smile away.

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