#PinkLips for Breast Cancer Awareness - October 2015

15 Nov 2015

#PinkLips people, yes I know but this was one of the images I posted in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On to Pink Lips. Totally unprepared, I decided to do a #PinkLipsChallenge in October but there were certain factors that weren't considered so it was kind of incomplete *covers face*.

First, I don't like Pink so doing pink lips for any number of days is a challenge. Second, because I don't like pink, I don't favour pink lip colours so don't have a lot of them. Third, the planning element was missing so a couple of days were missed here, there and eventually everywhere.
But I'd love to share some of the pink lip looks I did with you nonetheless so here they are. Be warned, there were only 9 of them. I'm working towards a #PinkLipOctober in 2016 so this time, it'll be complete for all 30 days of the month.

#Goodmorning this morning 😊 Happy New Week Pink is by no means on my list of favorite colours. But, this is October ie. Breast Cancer Awareness month. We are almost halfway in so this is quite late 🙈😜 I've decided that regardless of how much I don't like the colour, I'd better wear my creative hat and rock a pink lip everyday for the rest of the month......so help me GOD. Today is the 1st day of this challenge I've set for myself and I'm getting into the spirit. I created this pink lip with the @zaroncosmetics hyper blush in Electric Crush. I have it on my cheeks too 😊 Let me know if a video on how I achieved this is something ud like to see. ______________________________ #Barbara1923 #instamakeup #Breastcancermonth #pink #pinklips #bblogger #zaron #buyNigerian #beautyblogger #instabeauty #teamshorthair #teamnatural #naturalhair #sidepart #Barbara1923pinklipschallenge
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Next year, I look forward to having 15 neatly arranged rows of 2 pictures each for the #PinkLips for Breast Cancer Awareness post.

What did you do for Breast Cancer Awareness?

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