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17 Nov 2015

Do you follow me on Instagram? If yes, then you've seen this and a couple others.
Before we go on to this hilarious (i think) post, let me share with y'all a black n white sneak peek of the outcome of this here outfit that I'm going to be talking about.

and that's why you need to be following me on Instagram and Facebook at least *tongue out*. If not, you'll be left out on some stuff happening.

On to the good stuff - what I wore for the Underwater Fashion Shoot.
I've had a swimsuit for the past 5 past years but never wore it, finally, the day came when I had to and it was this day. I had no outfit, my mum thought I was going to be naked but I knew it would all work out.

Behold Obijie of Byge Collections (hold up! You really should check her out NOW). She had been told about the shoot the night before and she came with a case full of dresses and fabrics. When she saw me, she took out 3 different satin fabrics and a needle and thread + this embellished fabric which she cut a hole out of to fit my head. A couple needle and thread ins and outs later, voila, this outfit was made.

Isn't it lovely? Just beside the pool was this Studio of Mode backyard which we absolutely couldn't resist. The white wall + white stones + bold colour outfit = gorgeous editorial shoot.....if we had a professional camera that is. But we made do with what we had and created this mini-fashion shoot right here.

It's time for me to shut up and for you to read this fashion story. I hope it makes you smile *grin*

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