Video | Trip to Ikorodu, My Dad's Surgery & A Heartfelt Appreciation

23 Jul 2015

This isn't a long post I promise. It's a post of gratitude to God and to everyone of you.
My Dad had an eye surgery 7 days ago.
I put out the news on social media albeit skeptically. What I'd initially wanted to do though was just share lovely rustic images of Ikorodu town which is where the Hospital is located but somewhere on the drive down I changed my mind....i think.

I shared not only landscape pictures but also details of the surgery and how it was going. To say I wasn't taken aback at the amount of messages I got regarding the surgery will be a lie. There were comments of encouragement, prayers and loads of goodwill messages.

I was just going to put up a post saying Thank You, but figured that perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea for you guys to hear me say it for real so I filmed a video *grin*

i fiddled with the camera a bit before I got a hang of it and got some great BTS pictures (if I can call them that, lol). I hope you like the video.

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