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16 Jul 2015

Relationships are inevitable. There are times I wonder how and why I developed a strong relationship with makeup and then my hair, digital marketing, now fashion and the rest of them. I think that as humans, we are built to find a way to make things work together. You know, just making it work however and what ever.
You are wondering what I'm rambling on about I'm sure, lol.

The relationship between all the items in this fashion story is what I'm rambling on about as they are in no way related to one another. But I'll tell you a couple of secrets about them though *wink*.

Let me explain -
This dress was a Christmas present last year from Eve & Tribe. I LOVE wrap dresses! When I received it, it didn't quite look as good on me as what I'd seen. Into my closet it hid for the past 6 months and I've been totally unwilling to gift it out cos I hadn't worn it even once. I lost an itsy bitsy bit of weight before this shoot and thought it looked great enough to rock for it. In Uni I had an obsession with accessories, bracelets were my weak spot - I had about a dozen of them and couldn't stop buying them. When I posted on Instagram that I was looking to partner with an accessories brand, Bland2Glam contacted me and I was excited about it. Not surprising that all the items I selected were the last of each (oh and they don't restock old items so you are sure of having a one-of-a-kind item). I had to have that linked bracelet the moment I saw it and thank God it finally fit my wrist. No way my old soul wouldn't be drawn to that earring so I got it too and the rings because I wanted to try out midi-rings, lol. I tried and tried to find a way the JORD Wood watch would fit into the outfit idea in my head but come shoot day, I didn't have to worry - it was a natural fit.

So you see? As unlikely as all the pieces in this story are to be paired, they were a perfect fit and I was right proud of myself for making them work. I hope you enjoy today's fashion story.

photography - Orighomisan
Styling - Barbara
Dress - Eve & Tribe
Accessories - Bland2Glam
Makeup - Zaron

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