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10 Jul 2015

Saturdays for me usually begin with a family devotion as that is the only time we are all at home in the morning and extends to various Barbara & 1923 meetings and appointments. Sometimes, my Mum is able to snag me to go to market before I dash out but that isn't very often.

There are  those days, when if it was possible, i'd fantasize about being in a beautiful park, hanging out with friends, doing nothing apart from eating some colourful forms of nutrition, playing games, drinking wine and just bonding as human beings. In this fantasy, there is no room for technology, no selfies or groupfies and definitely no instagramming of the food regardless of the colour.

Not to worry, I had such a day as this. Just one day, but I do know that it is only the beginning of so many more. Thank you Nicole for dragging Ezinne, Tuke and Biodun off their beds and for giving me this one fantasy Saturday. And thank you Misan for capturing it so beautifully.

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