MAC Cosmetics Wash & Dry Collection in Nigeria

2 Jul 2015

We are all pretty much agreed that my obsession for makeup and beauty in general runs a lot deeper than just being a junkie. I acquire makeup for the love of the brand in question, a fascination for a particular product (like my current obsession with Nudestix and how sad I am that they aren't currently shipping to Nigeria). Like I was saying, beauty lover not junkie.

The MAC Wash & Dry Collection has only recently being launched in Nigeria and as picky as I am, I couldn't ignore a collection that supports my bushy brows. Now that would be rude. I scored the pictures of the oh so cute laundromat-ish collection to select items currently topping my list.
I really don't have to tell you guys - again- how much I love mascara. I'm still unable to fix falsies on myself but I've come to realise that a great mascara helps you get over the disappointment, lol. False lash effect mascara? Definitely on my list.

It took me a while to see how cool this trio actually was but I've seen it now and have it on my list. Something about having a light moss green halo on my eyes seems to fascinate me.

No way the highlight powder isn't going on my list. With my utter obsession with the shiny things you'd think they were liquid gold. This Ombre/3-toned highlight powder is a definite must-have.
Sooooo I'm not your typical lip colour person and would rather do a lip balm than actual colour. This doesn't deter me from craving the occasional colour on my lips which I succumb to every now and then (see here and here)
Have you read my last makeup review post? You'll understand why this pink lipglass is on my list. It's a pink phase I'm going through and I'm currently loving it.

If you remember this gorgeous mani I had done at The Nail Studio a while back, you'll know why  want Washteria in my personal nail polish collection.
Seriously? From the intense black to the flourescent green it would be insane not to have these on the list.
The visuals for this collection are colourful, inviting and sudsy *wink*. Now what wouldn't I give to try out the Modern brow products eh?
Do you have any favs from the collection?

You can now purchase items in this collection from any of the MAC Stores in Nigeria - The Palms (Victoria Island); Ikeja City Mall and Ibadan City Mall.

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