#MillesimexSwarovski at Mente de Moda. Win a Vintage Swarovski Piece

2 Oct 2015

I've never worn a diamond before. Never had one, never got one and never bought one. I think I had one on my engagement ring but I can't be sure as I never quite got the chance to check it out. But, cut glass offers us the chance to wear sparkling, transparent, exclusive and very expensive jewelry. That is what Swarovski gives us.

With the celebration of its 120th Year Anniversary, we are now certain that a Swarovski piece is equal to a diamond piece and has entered the league of 'most sought after items'
This Limited Edition cut glass swan was created to celebrate the 120th Anniversary.
In celebration of Swarovski's 120th Anniversary and to launch it's new collection, Millesime by R&M will be at Mente de Moda this Sunday, 4th October....

...... with a vintage Swarovski earring as a gift for one buyer.
All you have to do is 
  • Stop by the Millesime by R&M stand at Mente de Moda
  • Make a purchase of at least N10,000
  • Stand a chance to win this rare, Vintage Swarovski earring.

I'll be at the Millesime stand on Sunday.
I look forward to seeing you.

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