Jiji.ng, Another OLX?

10 Oct 2015

I've never been an online shopping kind of person. I binge on online shopping ie. spend over a 100k on +ASOS at once and never go back for over 2 years, do the same at +Konga.com and +Jumia Nigeria  when it was Sabunta and never go back. I've only shopped once on +Kaymu Nigeria and....well, it wasn't their fault what happened to the item though so I shall say nothing. I've never been on +OLX Nigeria either *covers face*

And now here is Jiji.ng.
This post is going to be a super short one and I'm sure you all can feel it, lol.

So, jiji.ng is a great solution for people who want to get the best things paying a minimum price and spending as less time as it is possible doing this. I skipped everything and headed straight to the Fashion & Beauty section which I'm super glad they do have (why is fashion & beauty always paired together though?), anyway, I went over there and while we are on it, I saw a waist trainer. Waist trainers are all the rage right now so I'm glad they are 'on trend'

Actually, accessories are the best here. All the things suggested are considered pre-owned: they are sold by real people from all over Nigeria, who post their adverts for free. To start with, 

  • follow the link. 
  • Then form the proper list by using sorting regimes (List or Gallery, Newest or Cheapest) to place the items in a desirable order. 
  • You can add several filters or type some keywords in the Search line. 
  • Click on an advert you like and get even more information about a particular item.
  • Then choose the best option and contact an owner.

D:\WORK\Даша тексти\Jiji - 3\_4. Платье, туфли, аксессуары\1.jpg
With Jiji, you don’t have to worry about anything. It has already taken care of the assortment and your security. Everything else depends on your common sense.

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