Review | Zaron Duo Eyeshadow in Envy

One of my life's calling is to wear bright green liner on my eyes every single day. Hence, my complete love for the Jordana coloured pencils I guess, lol. Since I don't wear makeup everyday though, I've been unable to fulfill this calling but I'm working on it.

To the main point, I love green. Green is the colour I wear the most often on my lower lid. I've been afraid to wear it as an eyeshadow colour for a pretty long time. Maybe because I'm not attracted to green metallic shadows or something of the sort (I have a preference for matte shadows) or maybe not. But I received this duo eyeshadow set from Zaron and immediately knew there was no way I wasn't going to wear it.
This duo set has a matte jewel tone green eyeshadow and a dark greenish-bronze metallic shadow. I immediately knew that I would wear the matte colour on my lid and the darker one in the outer corner and crease. That's what I did and I like the outcome. 

The dark green which I thought would be overpowering was just enough to darker the outer area and crease of my eye. I did use a light hand and a fluffy crease brush to apply but the total lack of shimmer was quite unexpected. I also didn't need to intensify it with a darker colour so I was glad.
I'd say that they are quite manageable colours. The fact that they are not over-powering is also a great plus. Will I recommend? Most definitely. Anyone can get the best out of this duo palette for casual day events and even glamorous night-time events.

p.s. I have a blue Jordana pencil on  my lower lid. Looks a lot like green right?

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