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1 Jun 2015

Uhm, I don't have this hair anymore but I do love updos. The fact that my scalp was unable to withstand them was one of the banes of my existence. In this new journey, I look forward to softer hair and firmer scalp as I believe a mix of these 2 is what I need for perfect updos.

What I usually do is loosen single plaits or twists and use them to create an updo. If you have watched my styling video, you'll hear me explain why. On this particular day, I wanted to do a updo but one with minimum fuss. So a tuck n roll it was.
I did 2 firm but loose tuck n rolls at the back of my head. From the texture, you can tell that the braidouts were a couple of days old. There was some hair left in front so I tucked it all inwards and pinned it down. Was going to take a picture myself but eventually gave the phone to a colleague to help me take a picture of the style.

Pretty random style I daresay but convenient and apt for the moment.
What do you think?

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