#MyStyle | A Week in Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

23 Oct 2015

We all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We have the Genevieve Foundation Run|Walk|Cycle for Breast Cancer Awareness this Saturday, the Beauty in Lagos Pink Nails contest and collaborations on Instagram and of course my #PinkLips challenge also on Instagram.

I'm not a fan of pink but we are promoting it for a good cause and since I've decided to be part of this, I figured I'd do something a little extra - what if I had to wear a touch of Pink everyday for 7 days? Anything I wanted. What would I wear and how would I wear it?

Here's my week in Pink in honour of #PinkOctober

Corporate in Pink
Mondays are my super serious days. Even though I have colleagues who dress casual to work on Mondays (oh, it's allowed. I work in advertising remember?), but my background in Account Management just doesn't let me slack on Mondays. A jacket it almost always is and even though it's corporate, I can add a bit of colour + my little spot of vintage.
These blue pumps are one of a kind but I've included a couple of options in the shopping list below.
In Skirts for Pink
Tuesdays are serious too, but not like Mondays. I could wear denim and a jacket and not feel a twinge but I still like that semblance of formality but a tad toned down so I can so a little lace *wink*
Cropped Checkered Pink
Wednesday is hump day. That time of the week when I start winding down and an itsy bit of casual can be incorporated into my wardrobe eg. cropped pants and that scarf that I'd not feel comfortable wearing on a Monday and a flashy wooden+blue wristwatch which can only be a JORD watch
Hope, Faith, Love in Pink
The 4th day of the week is a clear and straight-forward mix of casual and corporate and usually, a tee is incorporated into the mix + more often than not a jacket of sorts.
Thank God it's a Pink Friday
It's Friday, #TGIF. It's International dress down day and that's exactly what I do - denim and tee is the order of the day. Spiced with sneakers and some cross-body bag or the other. Accessories? dogtags + leather braided bracelets.
Getting in on the denim-on-denim trend though, I'll add one more detail - a denim top *wink*

Feeling Pink
There are no rules on Saturday but still....you never know where you might end up you know. Let's go with a hi-low dress for style and comfort + flatforms. Having your hands free is the one thing we all need on a Saturday so a cross-body bag it is. The matching Pink wooden watch can be found here
Pink in Print
Sunday best people, Sunday best. Or haven't you heard about the 'Sunday Best' concept before? It usually means wearing the very best you have to Church on Sundays even when you have little or none. There is no scrimping on Sundays and I absolutely go all out with my makeup on Sundays too...sometimes a little too out there though, lol.

That's my week in the event I ABSOLUTELY had no choice but to wear Pink.
Let's remember the reason for the colour. It's all about creating awareness for this Breast Cancer, a deadly disease that kills more women worldwide than any other disease.
Check yourself daily. Don't know how to check your breasts yourself? Here is a short video on what to do and how to do it
p.s. Breast Cancer is no respecter of persons or ages so please watch the video.

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