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14 Dec 2015

I've never tried a beauty product from any other African country so I made sure to get something from the Ghanaian beauty brand - Black Secrets - when I saw they had a stand at Beauty Africa 2015.  I saw this really cute lip duo product with someone and when I asked she said it was from Black Secrets. Off I went to their stand and though I had seen this product in red, I'm not a fan of using my finger to apply colour so I went for a nude colour instead which is called Kiss Kiss.
The product I got was the Revive Lipgloss which comes with a lip balm and lip gloss. The balm moisturises and the gloss provides a little colour to the lips.
All the Revive Lip glosses have this rose shaped design at the bottom. I wonder if the container is shaped this way or if this is just a pretty way of showcasing the colour of the lip gloss. I must confess that this was one of the reasons why I bought the product, this is so pretty. The red one was striking I tell you.
I'm a sucker for lip balms and have quite a bunch of them.

I like this product for a couple of reasons stemming from my laziness to wear makeup more than half of the time, lol. I mean, why have 2 products when I can use this one product as a balm to keep my lips moisturised and quickly apply some colour when the need arises?

While the balm doesn't quite work as well as some others I have, the gloss works more like a lip colour than a gloss. I really like this peachy-pink shade I got as it fits perfectly into my love to nude and neutral looks. It has a bit of shimmer in it and is quite pigmented (better than what I had been expecting I must say)

As the first product from an African beauty brand outside Nigeria, I'm quite impressed and actually looking forward to trying others that  find. Please if you know any other indigenous African beauty brand you think I should try out, please let me know as a comment and also how I can get them.
Thanks a lot guys.

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