Travel | Casa del Papa, Cotonou; Through the Lens of a Canon T3i

19 Jan 2016

Now wouldn't I just love to trek around the world with a camera in my hand and my eyes wide open.
Hiiiiiiiiiii, it's a brand new wonderful year and it has been awesome so far.
My birthday is next week and really, the blog has been on a break long enough....or don't you think so? I'm so tired of not having you guys to talk to or gist with. So happy to be back I tell you.

The very last thing I did last year after resigning from my old job was travel to Cotonou for a retreat with my colleagues from my new job. It was my first time to Cotonou and we went by road so let's just say that apart from me being upset at having to wake up at 4am that morning to leave my house at 5am, I was looking forward to it.

As much as I wasn't sure what to pack, one thing I definitely didn't forget was my beloved T3i. I wanted to take the +GoPro but the good LORD knows I was going to rest and not exercise or stress myself in anyway so I figured that would be a waste of time.

Be warned though, there are like 1million pictures in this post, lol
The view through my room window

The first thing I did was check out my room. Not as luxurious as some others I've been to but the bathroom made up for everything else (y'all know how I am about bathrooms and toilets right?). Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pictures of the bathroom 'cos I jumped right in and took a shower the minute I got in thus ruining any chance of an absolutely perfect bathroom photo.

On the last morning of our trip, I woke up super early and took a walk on the beachfront. I hadn't taken pictures all through and definitely wasn't leaving without some gorgeous ones. So let's go on a stroll along the beachfront of Casa del Papa in Cotonou.
I walked straight out the door of my room and came out here. I turned to my right and took this picture
I didn't see an adult crab but since it was pretty early in the morning, the crabs that had come out for a stroll were still out and scrambling for cover as I moved along the shore. I managed to zoom in and snag a picture of this one here. sowie he looks just like the sand
Gosh, I wish I could swim
There were 3 pools in the resort. They were barricaded by this fence right here. There were also beach chairs and raffia umbrellas for those who wanted to lounge in the sand.
See the line of rooms beyond the trees?
the sun is coming out, yippee!
uhm, while it does look like a couple snuggling in the wake of the early morning sunrise, these are actually 2 of my colleagues who came out for early morning exercises by the beach, lol
there's now 3 of them
this was my masterpiece (even though I do say so myself). I caught the sun rising in -between the trees and this was the result
these are how the rooms are. They are arranged in a row, like cottages along the beach. Each has a balcony with 2 chairs and a table
So apparently, the resort is split into 2. While one side has the rooms that are arranged in a row, the swimming pools and the restaurant/bar; the other side has the conference room, the spa, the basketball and tennis courts, the Gazebo and other rooms
dost though spy the gazebo in-between the trees?
yes, the gazebo is on/in the water
oh, and there is a boat yard right beside it. Uhm, didn't beckon to my soul so I didn't ride in one
oh, that's Toheeb of PFG. We roamed the resort taking pictures and trying to outdo the other. I was no match for him though I must confess
this was a test shot. You'll see what it was for below
That's the spa. It's right across the water from the gazebo with it's own entrance from land though so no crossing from the gazebo to the spa
i caught that light, yippee!

ah, yes. This is the road that seperates the 2 sides of the resort. Apparently, there is a settlement beyond the resort which this road leads to alongside being the road to the resort from the town

the beach
the sun in semi-glory
this is what the test shoot was for. My +Jord Watches go everywhere with me
JORD Watch basking in the early morning Cotonou sun
the lawn in front of the spa
this was pretty much my outfit everyday of the retreat, lol. Don't blame me though
into the spa we go
JORD on the water
we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the spa. I sneaked this picture of the spa balcony though
another entrance/exit in the spa
JORD in the shade
that's the front of the spa and that's what they call it - SPA KARITE, shrug
I loved looking into the trees and spying the clouds through them

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