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21 Jan 2016

Ever felt like if you didn't do something NOW, the moment would pass and you'd NEVER do it again? Yup, that's exactly how I felt when I took a pair of scissors and cut my almost 3 years old head of hair, grin.

The Big Chop is easier said than done so for us who actually go through with it, I consider us strong, brave women. So when my dear friend Dipo of BlackChild Photography called me very early on the Saturday after I'd cut my hair, I thought it was to give me a heavy scolding. His lovely wife and also a friend of mine, had only recently started her own natural hair journey and I'd kind of being an inspiration. Hence, me thinking I was getting a scolding. Alas, it was for a selfish reason, lol.

There I was on my side of the phone and Dipo on the other side and he said he'd called really early so he'd be the first to take pictures of me with my short hair. After bending over with laughter and tears streaming down my face, I consented of course and the very next saturday, we were on the road looking for the perfect spot to take these pictures.

As usual, there was no theme, there was no plan. I just had these absolutely lovely Bland2Glam pieces which I'd received for a while and I definitely wanted them to star in this shoot so with the pieces, my big chop and the animal print scarf I almost always have with me, we had a shoot underway. Please believe me when I say that the 'Amazon Woman' type images were purely coincidental, lol. 

Uhm, one last thing, these pictures were shot about 5 months before they were released due to so many factors including the fact that this absolutely gorgeous and beautiful baby here was born. Abeg, scroll down after the picture o, lol.
ah, this masterpiece.
So Dipo has a way of capturing my innermost, freest and truest self which happens mostly when I laugh. Remember this? My internet signature for over 2 years. He captured that too. 
The most beautiful thing happened the first time I posted this image on Instagram, Genevieve magazine used it to write an article titled 'Hello Evolving Girl' and I truly believe it is an article in honour of me. Have you read it?
Photography - Dipo
Accessories - Bland2Glam
Model - Barbara

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