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22 Jan 2016

Welllll, let's just say that while I wanted to be the face of a brand for the longest time, being on radio wasn't exactly top of my list. I've heard it been said that I've a great radio voice but that's about it.

It's 2016, a brand new year with new challenges and new opportunities and I've now got my own show on radio. Yup, it happened. My friend (yes she's my friend), Joy Isi Bewaji who also happens to be the Editor-In-Chief of, thought it would be a great idea to give me one hour on the new online radio station that Happenings Magazine will be launching this year. Uhun.

So now there's a bit of a challenge. WHAT AM I GOING TO BE SAYING FOR 1 HOUR EVERY SATURDAY MORNING ON RADIO FOR 13 WEEKS? Well, the first quarter after the launch of the station at least.

I mean, it's great and all, but after the euphoria of having my own programme on radio and all, I'm uber - scared.

Ok, Happenings Radio is launching in February and will meet the needs of a very targeted audience so it isn't your regular 24-hours station.

Here's an excerpt from the press release
Its pop meets authentic meets passion meets fashion meets fun and music. Dynamic, rhythmic and inspirational! 
Hugely ambitious, Happenings Radio will present viewers with immediate feedback opportunity to interact with the rest of the world, share personal opinions and diverse views on a range of topics.
According to Joy Isi Bewaji, editor of Happenings Media, “We are looking forward to an exciting year at Happenings. Happenings radio will articulate some of the thrilling and inspiring thoughts and conversations from our listeners. It’s a whole new community that will bring to life our tweets, our Facebook posts; bringing us even closer to our virtual friends.”
It’s the most exciting alternative. Plug in your earphones and enjoy what we bring to you. It’s a blog that speaks, literally. 
All the gossip and gist, politics and opinions, love and relationships, art and literature, life issues and metro observations will be voiced; your thoughts, verbalized; trending topics and arguments will be brought to life. Hear your opinions LIVE on air.
And of course, music… like every day is a party! 
Let’s make your virtual world more electrifying.
So you see?
Like I was saying sha, I'm not quite sure about what my radio content will be. Comon help me out here guys.

Along with the press release, some images visualising the personality of the station were also released. I'm not quite sure about all of them but just so you guys have a guide when sending suggestions about my radio content, here are ideas of the atmosphere I'd like my programme to have.
Head on over to to see what they are all about and connect with them via these here links:
Facebook –; 
Twitter – happenings9ja;
Instagram – happenings9ja;
e.mail -;

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