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1 Feb 2016

I love receiving new makeup in the mail. Infact, don't we all?
A dear friend of mine whom I'm sure you all know - Funke of Gifty's Daughter; launched her own line of makeup comprising of 15 matte lip glosses, 5 brow creams, a mascara and a face primer. Dear ole me received a package from Blot Cosmetics. Boy was I excited.

There were 3 matte glosses,  1 mascara and 1 brow cream in the package. As usual, I tore right through the packaging to try them out.

First of all, the packaging. I like the fact that the packaging is distinctive. All the other brands in Nigeria have black packaging and it's really, really boring. The bright pink colour of the logo is catchy and I like the fact that it's flirty too with all the swirls in it.
Sort - vampy dark purple shade; Burnt - peachy nude shade; Blend - true red shade with blue undertones
I got the number 3 which is a brown shade. I don't draw my brows but mayhap I'll give this a try just to see possible this is.
I love this mascara! Thought I'd establish that from the start. The moment I brought out the wand, I could tell it is a fibre lash mascara which means that there are tiny fibres in it which give your lashes a longer and fuller appearance. Unfortunately though, this mascara isn't waterproof but I'll wear it all day, every day all the same *tongue out*
Has anyone tried any of the Blot Cosmetics products yet? What do you think?

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