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2 Feb 2016 Lagos, Nigeria

One of the high points of 2015 for me was being invited to speak at a Natural Hair event in my alma mater, UNILAG. 
Am I the only one that noticed that I got asked to speak about Natural Hair more after the Big Chop than before?
Please, please, pretty please forgive me for keeping this post sooooo long. In all fairness, I did get the images close to the end of the year, grin.

First of all, this event was organised in a matter of months. I don't know how she pulled it off but Ellena is a real rockstar. She was the winner of the Afroriri goodie bag I gave out at the #SMWLagos2015 panel I was on and this event wasn't even an idea then. She did call me a couple of days later to share an idea she had with me but it was still pretty sketchy so I told her to go work on it. 6 months later I got an email inviting me to be the Special Guest at Natural Hair Rocks. Surprise doesn't even cut it, lol. I was excited and nervous (comon, you know students are a different breed entirely so I had good cause to be nervous na).

I literally absconded from work for a few hours, drove from the Island to UNILAG and I didn't regret it all. Infact, it would have been a HUGE disappointment if I hadn't been able to make it as I was being expected and they were looking forward to receiving me and asking me questions.
I shared my Natural Hair story with them and it was interesting to note their various expressions. There were loads of questions about transitioning, length retention, my personal routine, relaxed hair vs non-relaxed hair. natural hair care etc. I answered all the questions and for someone who isn't an actual trichologist, I was quite impressed with myself (eh, after all these years of taking care of my hair and all the passes and fails nko?)

I rushed off right after the session but not without taking pictures. I took with Ellena (the title image) and other attendees who I was excited to meet (I wish they'd see this post and comment their names under it *sigh*)
You can pretty much tell than none of us were ready for this picture as we were looking in various directions and had different expressions on our faces, lol. on the left is leezjinis and on the right is Zainab of the Curly Belle (you should check her out. She did a post about the event and I. She also has a really cool Instagram page *wink*)

Thank you soooooo much Ellena for the invite. I'm so encouraged by your tenacity in making this event happen. You have ALL my support for  all the subsequent editions and I'll be looking forward to being invited to them *muah*

annnnnnd I'm looking forward to more speaking engagements this year too, lol.

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