Why I Need A GoPro....I GOT THE GOPRO!

10 Sept 2015

Hi guys,
this is just a very short post to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted a comment here on the blog or somewhere on social media when I published the Why I Need A GoPro post.
I just want to let you all know that WE DID IT!!!! I GOT THE GOPRO!!!
Lol, that's a mighty jumble of words but I needed to write it in all caps.

Thank you so so much guys!!!
And a huge thanks to +Jumia Nigeria for making sure my blogging game just went a notch higher, lol.
Still figuring out how to work the camera but trust me, that won't be for too long and we'll be setting out to do what we wanted to with it. Thanks for having my back and I assure you that we'll be having a lot of fun with this new baby of mine.

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