Vintage Styling & Being the New Face of Millesime by R & M

29 Sept 2015

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about being the face of the New Millesime by R & M brand campaign...truthfully.

I can barely sit in my chair in the office and I'm wondering how come my colleagues haven't been on Bellanaija all day as they were the first to break the campaign. Seriously, there must be a conspiracy of some sort as it's afternoon and none of them has been on Bellanaija yet, hmmmm.

Anyway, the first vintage accessories I collaborated with was Chezjumelle and it was a lot of fun. Even though I've loved Vintage fashion since almost forever, it was a wonderful introduction to the world of vintage in the 21st Century. I started eyeing Millesime after that and was even supposed to partner with them for a shoot....then for Social Media Week...and finally I received an Instagram DM from them and the rest they say is history.
The day of the shoot was very impromptu. 
We had laid out a very elaborate plan of pre-production when we would pre-style the items, another day for makeup trials as it was my first time doing elaborate makeup on myself for a shoot (I mean, doing makeup on someone else is a breeze but on yourself? a type of makeup you've never done before?) but alas, there was a clash and on that public holiday morning, we all woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to Ajah.

We spent about 2 hours styling and pairing the items seeing as they are all unique pieces and don't come in pairs and another hour fixing up the makeup.

We spent the whole day but it was a great learning experience for me as I learnt a bit about how light works especially for a shoot like this that needs a lot of dark patches to bring out the emphasis.
Of course there had to be red lips to create a strong contrast, then I decided to play with an ombre nude lip as well which I think is absolutely gorgeous and quite frankly, my everyday style.

The Egyptian flavour was by the request of Millesime but at the end, we loved having tried it out. Does anyone remember this picture I posted on Instagram?

This was taken at the shoot. I stepped to the balcony for a bit of light and couldn't resist this selfie which I think came out as beautiful as I wanted. A couple filters here and there and this was the result. Besides, those earrings are my favourite in the entire collection. They are beautiful and photograph so well. See below
What do you think of the campaign?
Hey, don't forget to visit Millesime by R & M
Of all the looks, which is your favourite? I love the matte red lips best though.

Photo Credits

Photography - Orighomisan
Makeup - Barbara
Styling - Barbara
Creative Direction - Millesime by R & M, Orighomisan & Barbara

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