Glisten Like a Goddess! Check Out 5 Quick Tips for Using a Bronzer

I get asked a lot of questions by makeup lovers regarding what exactly a bronzer is, what it does and why it is needed. Personally, I can do without it especially since I use regular powders to contour my face. But for that sun bronzed, tanned look, a bronzer is super necessary.

My Hair: Recent Hair & Makeup Instagrams

Hello lovelies,
How has your week been? Mine has been so-so, with work and no makeup. It really feels good not having to wear makeup all the time. Shame on me I know but still, the lure of it is always too strong to ignore.

I have been busy on Instagram as some of you know. Especially with my hair pictures and stuff. I definitely do more things with my hair now than before. They are usually off-hand and so I end up just having a picture of them and nothing else. I have however gotten a lot of feedback on my hairstyles and requests for tutorials so I just might start doing a lot more hair posts here than before (if you don't mind my crappy video skills that is).

Here are my recent makeup and natural hair posts. Would love to read your comments as regards natural hair tutorials and if you would love to see them

Product Review: Kayge Lipglosses in Cappucino & Rosette

At the last edition of LMUF I picked up 2 lipglosses from Kayge Cosmetics - which is a brand focused on lip products only ie. lip pencils, lipsticks and lip glosses.
One was gratis from Kay and the second I selected and paid for.

Photoshoot | 'Summer Meditation' with Blackchild

Hello lovelies,
It has been ages since I had a shoot or shared one with you all. Well, here is my most recent shoot which was shot about a month ago. It was done with my friend Dipo of Blackchild and as usual, we had a blast. I was looking forward to it because I was going to be using yellow and white as some of the lip colour choices.

I had my sister and a friend as models for this shoot

Product Review: Sleek iDivine Palettes in 'Original, Sparkle and Supreme (Sangri-La Collection)'

Hello lovelies,
I have become a recent addict to the Sleek iDivine palettes and was so happy when I was gifted more of them recently - Sparkle, Supreme from he Shangri La collection and .... wait for it Original. Yes, iDivine palette in Original (how ironic is that?). It was actually a mix-up as it was in the Storm packaging. Didn't realise it until I was home and opened them.

Wake Up!

There is more to makeup than just the cursory application of eyeshadow, lip gloss and once in a while, blush to liven the cheeks.

Just like fashion, makeup is also influenced by the trends, the weather, our moods, your destination for the day and so many other minor factors.

Did you know that it is in bad taste to use red lipstick when you are in a bad mood? But you can wear a yellow dress to make you look cheerful. Why? A certain daring and boldness are required to successfully wear a red lipstick and this is totally lacking when you are not in the right frame of mind on the other hand, a yellow dress however, evokes the feelings of joy, happiness, optimism and sunshiny-ness (especially when its worn well) and this will eventually uplift your spirits.

Here are some suggestions:
  • If you really don't feel like going out, wear a pink lipstick. Pink is a friendly colour of acceptance and will get you a lot of compliments. Thus making your outing worthwhile.
  • If you see a guy you like and don't have the courage to walk up to him, wear a gorgeous green dress. 
  • Want some peace and quiet? Try Aquamarine.
So make sure to wake up on the right side of the bed everyday so you can have a good make – up day and look beautiful always.

Fly On The Wall - August

Hello everyone,
I am so excited today as I type this post.
First of all, a brief intro into the reason behind this post's title.
The "Fly on the wall" contributors are mainly mothers and wives and the idea for the title is 'If you were a fly on the wall of our homes, what would you see or catch a glimpse of'. I stumbled into it early this month and Karen (the creator) was kind enough to let me join in even though I am single, live with my sister and live a very un-exciting life *downturned lips* 

Product Review: Sleek Studio Glowshine lipglosses

Hello lovelies,
The Sleek Studio Glowshine lipglosses are innovative glosses for the lady who needs to touch up her lips but isn't sure of a clean powder room or ladies room with a good mirror and ambience. She can sit where she is, better still, take a couple steps away from her date or friends (it is in bad taste to touch up your makeup in front of others or in the open) and use her Glowshine gloss to touch up.

How does this work? Watch the video for a mini demo (working towards an actual video of me using it)

FOTD | Simple Everyday Neutral Look

Hello lovelies,
There are days when I really don't want to wear any makeup (believe me when I say I have those days more than any other) but I can't. On such days, i opt for just a soft neutral look made up or browns and nudes.
I actually love this look more than any other but unfortunately I am always told "You are a makeup artist and have a makeup blog, you can't be walking around with next to no makeup on". When I reply that I have a nude look on, I get this reply "What is nude? Abeg"

I know that some of my readers are actually like me in this regard ie. love neutral makeup more than any other and so this post is for you. Fortunately, I got to pair this look with my very first properly defined braidout. it was a work day but I like to believe I looked good even in my denim, t-shirt and vintage, over sized blazer.

Makeup Tips 'n' Tricks: I Want A Pretty Slim Face

I know a couple of people who feel let down when they realize that they don’t have an oval or long face but instead are blessed with either a round, heart shaped or … even a square face. (When everyone on the international red carpet has an oval face, why won’t they?)

I usually tell them not to despair as there is a makeup trick to fix this and create the illusion of high cheekbones, an oval face and a pointed nose (why anyone would want that is beyond me).

So it is pretty easy – take a face powder one shade darker than your normal shade. You will apply this to different parts of your face and so you will also need an angled cheek brush & a dense crease brush.

Taking a little of the powder with the angled brush, align the brush with the edge of your face starting from the top of your ear, suck in your cheeks and drag down the angled brush. You are sure to see a line in the wake of that brush. 
Take a small crease brush, dip in the same dark powder and drag down the sides of the nose.
Voila, high cheekbones and a slim pointy nose.

Video | My Personal Lipstick Collection

You must be shocked that I even have something remotely resembling a 'collection' of lipsticks for my personal use apart from my kit.

Unfortunately I do (unfortunately because I don't like lipsticks and so don't use them).
I acquired them mainly because I cut off my lipsticks when depotting and so have several half empty tubes lying around. Every couple of months, I gather them and give them out but I have been holding on to these ones here.

Instead of taking individual pictures and swatches, I did a video of the lipsticks (some half empty so please forgive me) and what they look like on my lips.

Makeup Tips 'n' Tricks: The Tinted Moisturiser and The 5-minute Makeup Trick

What do you think of models? They have the body, the walk, the face and the fame. They have other minor challenges they face too but of course we do not know what they are.

One of them is the right breezy makeup to use in between shoots, fittings, shows or just hanging out on days they don’t have a makeup artist hovering over them piling tons of makeup on their faces and just like models, we all have times when we need to tone down the make-up but still look good.

Here comes the tinted moisturizer and the 5-minute makeup trick.

Tinted moisturizers are under-rated in this part of the world. They are however light weight formulations which play the part of foundations and moisturizers all in one.
My 5-minute makeup trick can be achieved with the following methods:
  • Apply a tinted moisturizer on your skin to even out skin tone, moisturize and also protect against the sun (be sure to get a formula that contains sun screen). 
    If you don’t have a tinted moisturizer don’t despair. You can create one by mixing your foundation and moisturizer together at the back of your palm. Take your foundation and apply. Voila! Tinted moisturizer!
  • Apply concealer where needed tapping with the pads of the ring finger.
  • Lightly sweep the face with loose powder to set the foundation and concealer.
  • Apply a rosy coloured blush to the apples of the cheeks
  • Groom brows and apply brown mascara, for that natural look.
  • Finish off the entire look with a sparkly clear lip gloss
And you are good to go. Easy, breezy and effortless, you will be good to go

LMUF II Haul & Review

Before I get spanked for not posting this on time, please accept my apology first *innocent, angel face*
My LMUF haul, finally, about time. Jeez, it has been gathering dust in my drafts folder since June. I had to clean off all the dust and remove the cobwebs.
Well, here it is, my haul. 
Prestige courtesy of Taries, My Makeup revolution & LMUF courtesy of Omolola, Kayge courtesy of Kay, Your Makeup Navigator courtesy of Jide and Fashion Fair + odds and ends courtesy of Funke
Yes, I bought nothing at the fair. Believe it or not, lol. Remember I said in my previous LMUF post that I went with no money....on purpose.

BTS | D'banj 'Don't Tell Me Nonsense' Video Shoot

Hello lovelies,
Aren't I one of the most fortunate people in the world?
I was invited by a friend and fellow makeup colleague - Joyce Jacob; to be one of the makeup artists on the set of the latest D'banj video. You bet I wouldn't miss it so off I went.

Trust me, I didn't go without my Note II and even though I wasn't in a picture mood, I took quite a number of videos which I have pulled together below to form a story. Guess what? I also caught some footage which doesn't even feature in the final video


My Everyday Makeup Techniques & Favourite Products

A winged liner look has been synonymous with retro makeup looks as far back as I can remember. Even Marilyn Munroe had a slightly winged liner to support her famous red lip look. There have however been variations of the winged liner over the years and I find it relatively difficult keeping up with all of them. Imagine this here, so tell me, how am I supposed to keep up?

In this post though, I will be doing a mini review of some of my current fave everyday makeup items. They include Zaron, Sacred, Blush Beauty, Sleek, Black Radiance, Khuraira and MUD. I think that is all.

I always end up doing a random winged liner type whenever I happen to use a pencil or liquid liner. I never have a particular type in mind so I just move as my hand moves, lol.
For the Eryca Freemantle seminar last month, I ended up doing a really soft but wide liner which gave me that Asian look a lot of us wish we had naturally.
Blush beauty liquid foundation on my face, Zaron creme-to-powder & compact powder in my under eye area, Sacred liquid liner pen, Black Radiance mosaic bronzer to highlight, Khuraira mascara, MUD rose clay on my lips and Zaron Read my lips nude lipgloss on top of it.

Review + Video | Blue Amour with BM|Pro & Khuraira

Hello lovelies,
I have been very behind on my product reviews and news and stuff...especially product reviews. Gosh, I have so many products sitting at home now.
I figured the best way to move forward with them is to publish all my posts languishing in the drafts folder.
There I was looking through and a visit to my 'media for edit' folder revealed that all the really good pictures for this look were gone leaving only crappy ones *loud sob*

I hope you enjoy the video though

Haul | Sleek Studio Makeup

Hello lovelies,
If you are a fan of my page then you know that during my leave in June, I met Dr. Ebele Ugochukwu of Sleek Nigeria and got a HUGE haul.
the entire S.Studio skincare range, Glowshine lipglosses, Signature face kits & iDivine palettes (one of which is a Limited Edition palette)
Signature Face Kit
Glowshine lipglosses
No I haven't reviewed them yet *covers face* but I have used the Signature Face Kit which is a beautiful compact and I will definitely recommend to anyone.

Reviews of all of them coming soon.

Brush Review | Hegai & Esther 12pcs Brush set

Hello lovelies,
At the start of the Asta Gel Liner series, I did mention that I would be using the gel liners along with the Hegai & Esther 12pcs brush set.

In this post, I will be reviewing the 12pcs brush set, giving you my thoughts about each one and telling you what I use each brush for.

My Week with Hegai & Esther's Asta Gel Liners

One whole week wearing just smokey eyes and a nude lip can be every boring. Thank goodness I had the 5 Asta gel liner shades to keep me company. A whole week wearing makeup to work is a feat for me and I must applaud Hegai & Esther for pulling that off on me, lol.

I had fun, found a foolproof way of applying my face makeup (I can do it in low light conditions now. can you beat that?), found a new spot in the office where I can take gorgeous pictures, flexed my smokey eye muscles, made love to my Note II camera for 5 whole days at a stretch, lol........and most importantly, showed everyone that the gel liners can be used for much more than merely lining the eyes.

Asta Gel Friday - Onyx

Hello lovelies, Thank God it's friday!
But today, we are featuring the darkest of the Asta gel liners - Onyx (black)

I wanted to go full on gothic glam with totally blacked out eyes and nude lips, lol. I have never worn that much makeup to work before and didn't want to push too far so toned it down with a light bronze shade.

Asta Gel Thursday - Emerald

Hello lovelies,
Today is day 4 of 'smokey eyes with Asta Gel liners', yaaaay!
I am really happy with myself this week as I have been able to do this series with looks worn to work. Mostly I wear no makeup to work, get home at night and then do any look I want; but this series has been made up of looks I have worn a whole day. I have additional comments about the gel liners which I will be making in my final summary post on saturday. So if you missed out on the entire series, all of them will be in the summary post.

Today's look.
I was really looking forward to using the Emerald gel liner. Green is my favourite popping colour for the eyes. When I want a bit of colour, I use a green liner on my waterline and lower lashline, mascara and I am off. For this look, I went a bit above my crease for a really glamorous smokey eye.
Remember it is for work so I toned it down with a little highlighter in my inner corner.