BTS | D'banj 'Don't Tell Me Nonsense' Video Shoot

6 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
Aren't I one of the most fortunate people in the world?
I was invited by a friend and fellow makeup colleague - Joyce Jacob; to be one of the makeup artists on the set of the latest D'banj video. You bet I wouldn't miss it so off I went.

Trust me, I didn't go without my Note II and even though I wasn't in a picture mood, I took quite a number of videos which I have pulled together below to form a story. Guess what? I also caught some footage which doesn't even feature in the final video


Kaffy taking D'banj through the moves for this scene
Here is the final video
It was fun but bone tiring, especially since I had to go to work the next day. I left the set around 8.30pm and was told shooting ended around 11pm or thereabouts.

I have promised myself no more video shoots so I guess this one as the very last was a great end to that part of my life as a makeup artist.

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