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6 Aug 2013

A winged liner look has been synonymous with retro makeup looks as far back as I can remember. Even Marilyn Munroe had a slightly winged liner to support her famous red lip look. There have however been variations of the winged liner over the years and I find it relatively difficult keeping up with all of them. Imagine this here, so tell me, how am I supposed to keep up?

In this post though, I will be doing a mini review of some of my current fave everyday makeup items. They include Zaron, Sacred, Blush Beauty, Sleek, Black Radiance, Khuraira and MUD. I think that is all.

I always end up doing a random winged liner type whenever I happen to use a pencil or liquid liner. I never have a particular type in mind so I just move as my hand moves, lol.
For the Eryca Freemantle seminar last month, I ended up doing a really soft but wide liner which gave me that Asian look a lot of us wish we had naturally.
Blush beauty liquid foundation on my face, Zaron creme-to-powder & compact powder in my under eye area, Sacred liquid liner pen, Black Radiance mosaic bronzer to highlight, Khuraira mascara, MUD rose clay on my lips and Zaron Read my lips nude lipgloss on top of it.
Kunbi of Sitpretty Inc. teased me about it sef when she saw a picture of my closed eyes on my Blackberry dp, lol. She hailed the power of liquid liner.
This is such a long time ago (last month during my leave actually) I can't remember all the products I used. I will mention anyone I remember during the course of typing up this post though.
hmmm, my second time using the Banana powder was a disaster (dare I say that? I cringe to know what people would say when they read this). It was a tad too light for my pictures that day even though I really tried to make it work.
The first time was fab though. Check out the post I did the first time I used Banana powder.
So I skipped the BN Banana powder and adopted Zaron creme-to-powder & Compact powder which has been totally AMAZEBALLS for my under eye coverage and highlighting. To tell you how good they both are, I recently purchased a backup of these. I apply the creme-to-powder with a flat foundation brush and the powder very generously with a powder puff.
I use the Blush beauty liquid foundation as my everyday foundation (when I am not using the Sephora BB cream in Dark that is). I apply it with either a buffing brush or a stippling brush but never with a flat foundation brush. I am not sure why I started doing that but I think it is because it streaks whatever base product I am using on my face.
The foundation is actually light to medium coverage so if you have real problem skin, you might need to use a concealer alongside it. |I love medium coverage so a light layer all over my face is usually enough (see the dark spots & pimple on my forehead?)
Ah highlight. My favourite part of any makeup application, especially for dark skin. I have 2 favourites for this - Sleek Luminous powder or Black radiance mosaic bronzer (mine is broken but I depoted into a sifter container and use it from there). I use the tip of a huge powder brush to apply them on my upper cheeks into my brow-bone area, the bridge of my nose up to my forehead and my chin (sometimes I skip my chin depending on how I feel)
Sacred Liquid Liner Pen to the rescue. I love this pen. It is the only liquid liner product that has so far compelled me to reach for it more than I reach for a black pencil. I always get asked what I use because it is really black. I have tried 2 other Pen liners from Nigerian brands but so far (I am willing to be proven wrong) this tops them all.
see how extended the liner was? I really loved it though and can't seem to be able to do it like that again *sob*. I probably just need to be patient and it will come back to me.
my hair, my lovely natural hair. I have been having fun with you recently but perhaps it is time for me to hide you in braids again.
I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, please send a mail to or just post it in the comments below. PMs are also allowed on my FB page.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
*all the products (except Blush Beauty & Khuraira which were provided by review) were purchased by me. All opinions are mine and I have not received any compensation to write this post.

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