Review + Video | Blue Amour with BM|Pro & Khuraira

5 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
I have been very behind on my product reviews and news and stuff...especially product reviews. Gosh, I have so many products sitting at home now.
I figured the best way to move forward with them is to publish all my posts languishing in the drafts folder.
There I was looking through and a visit to my 'media for edit' folder revealed that all the really good pictures for this look were gone leaving only crappy ones *loud sob*

I hope you enjoy the video though

I used a couple of new products which I had just gotten and haven't used since then. The BM|Pro HD Primer was the first. I really loved how moisturising the primer felt on my skin. I normally moisturise my skin before makeup but with the primer, my skin already felt moisturised.

The next product I used was the Khuraira lipstick in Amour which is part of the Khuraira Spring collection. The lipsticks are absolutely moisturising. My lips were not primed or moisturised prior to application but this didn't deter from a smooth, even lipstick application.

Thankfully, I uploaded a picture to Instagram immediately after I was done with the look, here it is.
For the Khuraira products purchase request, please send me a mail to and I will reply you with the information you need.

Everyone says blue becomes me very well, do you agree?

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