Asta Gel Friday - Onyx

2 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies, Thank God it's friday!
But today, we are featuring the darkest of the Asta gel liners - Onyx (black)

I wanted to go full on gothic glam with totally blacked out eyes and nude lips, lol. I have never worn that much makeup to work before and didn't want to push too far so toned it down with a light bronze shade.
Like I mentioned, I wanted a full on gothic lighless, strong black eye but can't wear that to work so this is the compromise I came to. It is the last day of the series so please permit me to go wild with different pictures *grin*
Blush Beauty liquid foundation
Zaron creme-to-powder foundation
Zaron compact powder
Sleek compact powder
Rimmel bronzer
Studio Makeup bronzer (gratis from Taries Beauty World)
BM|Pro eyeshadow (as blush)

Zaron brow duo
Clear mascara
Studio makeup bronzer
Asta Onyx gel liner
Black retractable pencil
Khuraira mascara

MUD Rose Clay lipstick
Sacred Nougat Lipgloss

Hegai & Esther 12pc brush set
A-design foundation brush
Gifty's Daughter dome shaped blush brush
Gifty's Daughter all over eye brush
Orekelewa pencil brush
Orekelewa powder brush
I let out my hair for the first time in aaaaggggeeesss and it was simply gorgeous. Everyone loved it. I think I should do this more often
for this lip, I applied foundation on my lips and focused the lipstick and gloss on only the middle of my lips. I think it came out well.
OMG, I love the golden glow from the Studio makeup bronzer. it is so pretty
made my eyes look big too, like the Emerald
I love this pictures but it looks like I am posing to have my picture taken in jail, lol. Don't you think so?
The black eyes and nude lips are the perfect balance. I now understand more the reason why more often than not, smokey eyes are paired with light coloured lips.

Have a wonderful start to the weekend everyone. Summary post of all my looks with Asta will be up tomorrow.


  1. Salut! Happy that i find you! i was just looking the pics..i englsih isn't so good .. so i gonna try riding later :)
    i just started a blog too. it's i german, but you can watch the photos even you don't really understand haha

    xx Robyn

    ps i love your afro!!

  2. Amazing!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!



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