My Week with Hegai & Esther's Asta Gel Liners

3 Aug 2013

One whole week wearing just smokey eyes and a nude lip can be every boring. Thank goodness I had the 5 Asta gel liner shades to keep me company. A whole week wearing makeup to work is a feat for me and I must applaud Hegai & Esther for pulling that off on me, lol.

I had fun, found a foolproof way of applying my face makeup (I can do it in low light conditions now. can you beat that?), found a new spot in the office where I can take gorgeous pictures, flexed my smokey eye muscles, made love to my Note II camera for 5 whole days at a stretch, lol........and most importantly, showed everyone that the gel liners can be used for much more than merely lining the eyes.
I had a riot wondering what lip colour to use for each gel liner but eventually settled on nude lips which is just the best thing that has happened to me so far.

Please find all the looks below
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this is my favourite shade. it looks natural, especially when applied with a light hand, and blends beautifully.
For this look, I just did a regular smokey eye with a little line on the lower lashline which I smudged. I think the rimming if my entire inner eye was a clincher for this look.
I was almost late to work on this day, lol.
I applied the colour the same way as in day 1 but it wasn't as easy to blend as the Nude Brown so I guess that is simply where the difference in the 2 lie. I also rimmed my entire inner with black pencil.
Out of my comfort zone and out into variety.
I explored the smokey upper eye only option. I have always loved colour only on the upper eye (if you have bags under your eyes or didn't sleep well, beware of this method). Finishing with a winged line didn't make much of a difference though or so I thought.
I did have a little hard time blending this shade out. Had to eventually use a really dense smudger brush
When I was done with this look, I felt very glamorous indeed *grin*.
Taking the colour a little above my crease gave an entirely different finish to this look. The highlighted inner corner also added to the wide-eyed effect the green colour gave my eyes. A little black liner above and below, smudged and it was a perfectly finished look.
Initially intended to be a gothic, dark smokey eye, I had to use a bronze light shimmer to tone it down as well as apply in the inner corners of my eye.
Of all the gel liners, Onyx was the easiest to blend which somehow I wasn't too surprised about. Application was super easy and the texture was the smoothest.
Overall, the Asta gel liners are quite easy to use, blendable (varying degrees of patience during blending is required). Best of all, the fact that it is waterproof makes it creaseproof, ALL DAY when used as an eyeshadow replacement.

Please note that even though all products were provided for review and this series was done in collaboration with Hegai & Esther, all opinions are mine and I have not being compensated for this review.

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