Review | Glowing with Arami Essentials Glow Oil & Lumi Oil

7 Mar 2019 Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Arami Essentials is one of my favourite Nigerian skincare brands.

From their simplistic packaging to the ethos of the brand and finally the quality of the products, they have my vote any time, every time.

I’ve purchased Arami products before and was impressed. In fact, the first compact black soap I ever used is from Arami. They call it the Onyx Body Polish. I was so impressed with my first purchases that I went on their website and purchased 2 more products – Arami Glow Oil & Lumi Oil both in Sweet Oud.

You know, although I'm absolutely horrible with glass packaging but I wish these came in glass bottles. They look so good I almost wish I could just leave them as decor.
The Glow Oil is essentially Shea Oil. But I've used shea oil before and compared to those, this has a lighter consistently annnnddd, it definitely does make your skin glow and look healthy. I usually apply this after a bath and drying my skin. It is so not heavy at all which I absolutely love. I feel like it would completely dry along with the moisture on my skin if I applied it damp, but who knows, maybe I'll try it sometime.

I didn't want to use it cos I was very sure it would stain my clothes. Alas, it didn't.
In all honesty, I was looking for the illumination or extra glow on my skin like a highlighter would give you know. I didn't find it, lol. Although, my skin was a tad bit luminous. I'm looking forward to packing it on for a shoot though, maybe then I'll see the illumination better. Although, the fragrance does make up for it really well. Oh, always remember to shake it well before use.

And, these are my current favourite oils. Who knows, I may find another brand I love better but for now Arami Essentials is definitely winning.

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