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4 Mar 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

You guys don't want to know what happened to me late last year. Let's just say a cloud of darkness came over my skin. Sounds funny now, but it wasn't then.
Anyway, I was able to battle it with Neutrogena thankfully and decided to pamper my skin more with Nigerian skincare brands - yes, you guessed right, shopping spree. I'll be sharing my thoughts and feedback on all the brands I purchased as I've had a chance to use all of them.

First up is Randr Luxury
Based mainly off Shea seeds sourced from Ghana, it's hard to say whether the brand is originally Ghanian or Nigerian, but I'll go with Nigerian.

Theirs was the first ever Shea Butter oil I ever used and seeing as I've recently been loving oils for my skin, I decided to go the oil, lip and clean route ie. baobab oil, lip butter and Shea soap. I talked about the inconsistency of the packaging for branding purposes (to see, check out the My Thots stories highlight on my Instagram) but that has nothing to do with the quality of the actual products which I actually like.
I looked it up and Baobab oil is high in Vitamin C which means that it is great for skin brightening. It's also great for hair too as it is light-weight and is absorbed easily into the hair follicles promoting shine and moisture (same for skin too as it's absorbed easily & not heavy at all). It's advisable to do a patch test before using it but generally, it is great for all skin types. It does say 2 drops but I use about 5 drops and press it into the skin on my face and neck morning and night. I really like that it has a feeder so I can count the actual drops and use a consistent amount for every application.
I love lip balms and I was running out of them. It was cheap and right there as I placed my order so I included it (+a friend said it was awesome is). I don't regret buying this at all.
I'm not big on soaps but I always experiment telling myself I'll soon find 'the one'. However, I know Oatmeal is great as an exfoliator so I purchased this soap. Ok, I still think it is too small for the prize (N900) but it's ok. Just ok. The soap comes in like 2 layers with the oatmeal on one side. I wish it was all mixed up with the shea butter as the oatmeal part finishes after 2 uses of the soap.
I would definitely repurchase the Baobab Oil & lip butter, which I'll have to soon as they will soon finish anyways. Have you tried any of these though and what did you think?

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