#28daysofred | Day 27 - A Mega Wifey

28 Feb 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

A little calm, chin in hands and it looks like all is well with the world.

I really wanted to take a picture in front of the black gate for a friend who is kinda obsessed with it he created an Instagram page.

The rains have come down and we all need to be well covered up, especially me, because of my allergies which make me sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze, and sne... you get the picture. So I went the vintage style route with a mustard coloured turtle neck and vintage plaid jacket.

I've always wanted a red lip combo of sorts so I paired the Zaron Lip Pencil in Mega & the Taos Cosmetics lipstick in Wifey V which really is a rich, dark moisturising lipstick.

The giveaway is over beautiful people. Winner will be announced tomorrow in the last post of the series. Thank you to everyone who entered, wanted to enter, tried to enter and thought of entering, lol.

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