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8 Mar 2019 Lagos, Nigeria

I've become a full fledged photographer, yippee!

I've always had something for photography. Considering that when I first started blogging, pictures seemed the most difficult aspect for me to tackle, I'm amazed at myself sometimes. I had a boyfriend then who used to criticise my pictures, so sometimes I'd let him take my blog photos. I think he might have been one of the reasons I decided to take the photography aspect of content creation serious.

That's a thing of the past now because I've got photography in the bag - not yet as expert as I'd wish, but pretty good. Good enough to want to dabble into other photography forms .... like food, grin.

I actually follow a number of food photographers on social media and one of my favs (I actually started following from her website and then her Instagram) - @twolovesstudio, had a photography challenge recently which I totally and absolutely went all in for.

The theme of the challenge was #GetMinimal, the idea was to shoot food - any food - with no props but just the food and a background. I thought of everything and anything to shoot and settled on Shortbread biscuits. 

Here's my entry into the challenge 

[Day 29] _________ The only biscuit I really remember from my childhood is Shortbread. I'm sure there were others but shortbread has's been over 30yrs now and every single time I pass biscuits in a supermarket aisle, it snags my eye every time. Considering how much history we have and wanting to be comfortable in my first ever photography challenge, I figured Shortbread would be my muse. We know each other, we understand each other, we are comfortable with each other. What better qualities make the perfect shoot? I've never shot food so it was a pleasant challenge for me. Anyway, this is my maybe first entry in the #Getminimal challenge by @twolovesstudio. Knew about the challenge from @thebiteshot's feed. Used by trusty #600D for this. I'm really excited, can you tell? ___________ #barbara1923 #photographychallenge #foodphotography
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I had extra shots after submitting an entry and decided to share them with you here afterall, my site is also about photography (although I must admit that I've been more focused on beauty photography than other forms of photography. I sincerely apologise for that)

I played with dark photography techniques using a navy blue paper as background. I did a little gif at the end with biscuit crumbs *grin*
What do you guys think?
"Just the two of us"
"Three is a crowd"

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