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3 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
At the start of the Asta Gel Liner series, I did mention that I would be using the gel liners along with the Hegai & Esther 12pcs brush set.

In this post, I will be reviewing the 12pcs brush set, giving you my thoughts about each one and telling you what I use each brush for.

the brushes come in a black leather soft roll belt with tie straps. The brand name is embossed on the leather which gives it a finished and classy look
it has a flap and an inner side zip which can be used to put in smaller items eg. tweezers, hand-held mirror etc.
what I call each of them - powder brush, stippling brush, angled cheek brush, flat foundation brush, eye shadow brushes, crease brush, eyebrow/eye lash comb, spoolie, angled liner brush, concealer brush and lip brush

From the left:

  • Eyeshadow shader brush - made from natural fibre, this brush is to be used to apply eyeshadow on the lids. 
I use it for just that as well as using the edge of the brush it doesn't have a fluffy edge) to apply colour to my lower lashline or smudge colour in that area.
  • Eyeshadow crease brush - made from natural fibre, this brush is for applying colour to the crease of the eye. 
I use it for that as well as applying my transition colour and winging out eyeshadow
  • Flat foundation brush - made from synthetic fibre, this brush is for foundation application. 
I use it for applying foundation or concealer to my under eye area, forehead and chin as well as applying creme blush to my cheeks
  • Angled Cheek brush - this brush is made from natural fibre and is supposed to be the blush brush in this set. 
I however use it for contouring my face. The brush has a very slim profile which makes it perfect for creating that line of contour colour from the hairline above the ear to the cheek area right beneath the plane of the cheeks.
  • Stippling brush - duo fibre brush made from both synthetic and natural fibre. This brush is for foundation application. 
When I first saw it, I was skeptical and was of the opinion that it wouldn't be able to apply foundation properly. This opinion was mainly due to the fact that the bristles are longer and not as dense as others I have known. I gave it a try though and it worked perfectly. I must say though that this brush is only perfect for liquid foundation. A light stippling and circular motion is also to be employed to get the product into the skin.
  • Powder brush - natural fibre brush for all over the face powder application. 
I use this brush to blend my contour powder (I do this applying a bronzer over the shaded area in circular motions) and also apply my highlighter (I guess I do this because it is just much easier to do)
  • Eyeshadow shader brush - natural fibre brush meant for eyeshadow application. Considering that flat shader brushes are meant for applying eyeshadow to the lid of the eyes I would say that is what it is meant for too. 
I, on the other hand, use it for applying brow highlight colour. The flat edge provides me with the clean highlighter line needed to define my brows. It is the largest shader brush in the set so is perfect for this purpose.
  • Eyeshadow shader brush - natural fibre brush for eyeshadow application. It is the smallest shader brush in the set. 
I use it for concealer application or highlighting the inner corners of my eyes
  • Spoolie brush - for brushing the brows or removing excess mascara 
I use it for my brows, before and after filling them in with brow powder. I also just use it to keep them in place when I am not filling them in.
  • Angled brush - this brush is actually to be used for filling in the brows. 
As usual, I use it for filling in my brows (as usual because that is what I use most angled liner brushes for) and a couple of other things like lining my upper lashline and applying colour to my lower lashline area or even defining my lips with concealer.
  • Eyelash/Eyebrow brush -  it says eyelash on the brush itself though. 
My brows are too thick and coarse for the eyebrow brush to go through so I only use the lash comb for when I have applied too much mascara or the product is a clumpy one.
  • Lip brush - a lip brush with a cover, it is for lip colour application. 
This particular lip brush has a unique shape which I like. It is not flat & wide and at the same time not too narrow. I use it for lipstick application (I mainly apply lipstick in a haphazard way and all my lipsticks are half. If not, I bet I wouldn't use lip brushes at all, lol)

Overall, this is a pretty cool brush set. I wouldn't call it a pro brush set as it lacks a lot of the more multi-purpose brushes pro sets have but it is great for personal use or for an amateur makeup artist. 
Considering I am a makeup brush hoarder and I can never have enough of them, this set is very welcome into my collection and already has my love.

In conclusion, I would like to say that my favourite brushes in this set are the angled cheek brush because of it's slim profile, the powder brush because it is really soft and the lip brush because of its unique shape (I sure hope it isn't just mine that has that unique wide/pointy head)
*this product was provided for review however all opinions expressed in this post are mine and I have not been paid to write this review

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