Fly On The Wall - August

23 Aug 2013

Hello everyone,
I am so excited today as I type this post.
First of all, a brief intro into the reason behind this post's title.
The "Fly on the wall" contributors are mainly mothers and wives and the idea for the title is 'If you were a fly on the wall of our homes, what would you see or catch a glimpse of'. I stumbled into it early this month and Karen (the creator) was kind enough to let me join in even though I am single, live with my sister and live a very un-exciting life *downturned lips* 
There is Karen, Michele (a blogger friend I met last year), myself and 13 other bloggers and be sure to take a peek into our homes and lives via the links below. I can assure you that it will be very worth your while as well as enlightening and sometimes hilarious. Besides, it is a free invitation to be nosy so feel free and have fun:                             Baking In A Tornado                            Just a Little Nutty                    Follow me home . . .        Stacy Sews and Schools                          The Sadder But Wiser Girl               Menopausal Mother      Moore Organized Mayhem                       The Insomniac’s Dream                                   The Momisodes                 Spatulas on Parade                     Dates 2 Diapers                                      Sorry kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others                          The Rowdy Baker                                  Trashy Blog

Now it is my turn. If you were a fly on my wall then you would buzz around a great many places with me indeed - from home to office, to studios and shoots. You will look over my makeup box as well my laptop and Android phone, learn the itsy bitsy photo editing I know how to and grumble about the internet being so slow youtube uploads take like 3 - 5 days, lol. Here are snippets of my life these past few days

In the office:
E: you people should keep quiet
F & B: watching something and speaking in yoruba
G: laughing
E: oya now
Me: when you are speaking your own language no one disturbs you o
Me: shouts
E: ah, you are playing with the wrong person, I will do my own back

Me: J, is E upstairs?
J: eh?
Me: *opening my eyes in a flash* is E upstairs?
J: I don't know
Me: I talk nonsense in my sleep and so had to quickly open my eyes cos I know I was making sense

E: 'picture of Pa Adeboye on her computer'. Come and see my father T
T: Your father is dead na, abi did he come back to life?

J: Barbara please put off the AC
Me: After your honeymoon better come back with jacket o
J: It's not a matter of jacket......
E: You aren't getting her point at all. There should be something by then so you SHOULD be cold

J: Which promo is this one:
E: perhaps you didn't like the correct page.
J: Do I know? let me speak Barbara's village - amam?
(fyi, amam? means I know?)

D: Barbara what are you doing this evening?
Me: Going home
D: Why na? Come with me so that we can...... (fill in the gap)
Me: No thanks
D: Sorry Barbara but I am now in love with E

S: it is almost 8 pm. What are you people still doing in the office? And you are all women. How will your men enjoy you?
E: You nko?
Me: You see me answer am?
E: Your wife is the one suffering.......(sorry I can't complete this sentence. It is x-rated, lol)

I go upstairs:
A Lenovo laptop
Me: In your mind now you have a tablet se?
S: No, I have a laptop I can draw on
Me: uhun, yeah right
S: You people don't understand
Me: M, see, in his mind, he has a laptop and a tablet o
M: laughing
S: Why am I even explaining myself to you people sef
M & Me: laughing all the more loudly

Y: I will give you your electronics today
Me: So I am getting a TV and a radio today se?
Y: Don't you know TV and radio scripts are called electronics? It seems you are slow today
Me: I understood what you said, you are the one who didn't understand what I meant. So who is slow now?

B: Barbara, what happened to my data?
Me: i don't know. You know there is a limit na and you downloaded so many movies
B: Just make it happen, I am not spending any more money this month

Weird arguments:
Jackie Chan and Nelson Mandela, who is more popular?
Avengers and Skyfall, which is the better movie?
Tonto Dike's video, what do you think?
How much of a drama was Argo?
When is TGIF? Which movie are we going to watch next time? What should we watch?

In Client's office:
K: Dear F, the overall design lacks cut-through because of the lack of any strong colour, what can we do about it?
F: Forwards the mail to Agency. Agency, what can we do about it? When can I expect a revert
Agency: Dear F, Please clarify and let us know what we can do about it.

At home:
Me: grrrrrrringgg! slaps all 3 alarms off and turns
Big Sis 30 minutes later: Aren't you going to work today?
Me: I am going (it is a miracle how I always hear that question in my sleep)
30 minutes later - 
Me: I need a cab *while rummaging in my bag*, I have no cash.
Sweaty and in upheaval, Me to the cab driver: please can I owe you?
Thank goodness the cab park is in the estate, phew!

My sis: what are you making?
Me: Noodles
Sis: Hope you are making enough for 2?
Me: Of course not. You already had eba and I haven't eaten all day
Sis: And so?

Me: See, you already know the names of everyone in Austin and Ally. Disney channel isn't so bad
Sis: rolls eyes

So what did you guys think? Was it worth it being a fly on my wall this month?
You see all what I have to endure in the office? *sigh*, poor me.

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