Product Review: Sleek Studio Glowshine lipglosses

22 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
The Sleek Studio Glowshine lipglosses are innovative glosses for the lady who needs to touch up her lips but isn't sure of a clean powder room or ladies room with a good mirror and ambience. She can sit where she is, better still, take a couple steps away from her date or friends (it is in bad taste to touch up your makeup in front of others or in the open) and use her Glowshine gloss to touch up.

How does this work? Watch the video for a mini demo (working towards an actual video of me using it)
The Glowshine lipgloss has an inbuilt LED light in the cover which instantly comes on when the cover is twisted open. The glosses also have a mirror on the side (remember to take off the protective covering on the mirror) which provides ease of application.
it comes in 6 really lovely colours
Surprisingly, the Glowshine Flashlight is my favourite of the bunch. 
  • The glosses are really lightweight so the feeling of having sticky goo on your lips doesn't apply to them.
  • They aren't very pigmented and so can rarely be worn alone, that is with the exception of Flashlight and Stoplight (in my opinion) which apply well by themselves.
Would I recommend? definitely, apart from the creativity infused in these products, they are very well worth it for the convenience they provide. And who said you can't check other stuff in the mirror too eh?

*Product was provided for review. All opinions expressed are mine and I have not being paid to write this review.

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