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20 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
There are days when I really don't want to wear any makeup (believe me when I say I have those days more than any other) but I can't. On such days, i opt for just a soft neutral look made up or browns and nudes.
I actually love this look more than any other but unfortunately I am always told "You are a makeup artist and have a makeup blog, you can't be walking around with next to no makeup on". When I reply that I have a nude look on, I get this reply "What is nude? Abeg"

I know that some of my readers are actually like me in this regard ie. love neutral makeup more than any other and so this post is for you. Fortunately, I got to pair this look with my very first properly defined braidout. it was a work day but I like to believe I looked good even in my denim, t-shirt and vintage, over sized blazer.
I mainly used the products I have been loving and using everyday for a while now (see them in this post)
Infact, between the 2 posts, there are only 4 things I did differently - applied a lid colour from the Fashion Fair 2-tier compact, used the darker colour in the Zaron brow kit as my crease colour, used gel liner on my upper lashline and used the MUD lipgloss in Bare on my lips.
This time around, I did the plaits tighter than my first try, made sure it was neater with not too many escapees and most important, made sure the hair was completely dry before loosing it. The braidout lasted me almost 5 days (will share the Instagram video of it on the FB page)
see how soft the crease colour is.
This is pretty much how I look most times but hey, I shall move on to do the rest of my product reviews and of course more colourful looks.

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