Makeup Tips 'n' Tricks: I Want A Pretty Slim Face

17 Aug 2013

I know a couple of people who feel let down when they realize that they don’t have an oval or long face but instead are blessed with either a round, heart shaped or … even a square face. (When everyone on the international red carpet has an oval face, why won’t they?)

I usually tell them not to despair as there is a makeup trick to fix this and create the illusion of high cheekbones, an oval face and a pointed nose (why anyone would want that is beyond me).

So it is pretty easy – take a face powder one shade darker than your normal shade. You will apply this to different parts of your face and so you will also need an angled cheek brush & a dense crease brush.

Taking a little of the powder with the angled brush, align the brush with the edge of your face starting from the top of your ear, suck in your cheeks and drag down the angled brush. You are sure to see a line in the wake of that brush. 
Take a small crease brush, dip in the same dark powder and drag down the sides of the nose.
Voila, high cheekbones and a slim pointy nose.

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