Wake Up!

24 Aug 2013

There is more to makeup than just the cursory application of eyeshadow, lip gloss and once in a while, blush to liven the cheeks.

Just like fashion, makeup is also influenced by the trends, the weather, our moods, your destination for the day and so many other minor factors.

Did you know that it is in bad taste to use red lipstick when you are in a bad mood? But you can wear a yellow dress to make you look cheerful. Why? A certain daring and boldness are required to successfully wear a red lipstick and this is totally lacking when you are not in the right frame of mind on the other hand, a yellow dress however, evokes the feelings of joy, happiness, optimism and sunshiny-ness (especially when its worn well) and this will eventually uplift your spirits.

Here are some suggestions:
  • If you really don't feel like going out, wear a pink lipstick. Pink is a friendly colour of acceptance and will get you a lot of compliments. Thus making your outing worthwhile.
  • If you see a guy you like and don't have the courage to walk up to him, wear a gorgeous green dress. 
  • Want some peace and quiet? Try Aquamarine.
So make sure to wake up on the right side of the bed everyday so you can have a good make – up day and look beautiful always.

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