Photoshoot | 'Summer Meditation' with Blackchild

28 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
It has been ages since I had a shoot or shared one with you all. Well, here is my most recent shoot which was shot about a month ago. It was done with my friend Dipo of Blackchild and as usual, we had a blast. I was looking forward to it because I was going to be using yellow and white as some of the lip colour choices.

I had my sister and a friend as models for this shoot
and looked forward to bright summer colours and serene poses and so I called this one Summer Meditation (you know how I always like to give my shoots themes)
I used the Black Opal stick foundations because of their buildable quality and the OCC lip tars & Flash palette finished up the lips. 

So to show you how OCD I can be about my shoots, I actually painted nails for this shoot, lol. I have almost the entire L.A. Girl Brites collection and took them along for the shoot. So for every lip colour, there was an accompanying nail shade. It wasn't perfect but I liked trying out something apart from makeup (and I am practically no good at styling weaves or wigs or anything of the sort.) and it came out pretty good.

Let's see who still refuses to be convinced that I have no photo editing skills after seeing the pictures below. I literally laced them with a layer of airbrush *covers face*
So they aren't so bad *tongue out*
I am really looking forward to having the final images released.

Photographer: Blackchild
Models: Stella Onianwah & Uche Omally
MUA: Barbara

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