Glisten Like a Goddess! Check Out 5 Quick Tips for Using a Bronzer

31 Aug 2013

I get asked a lot of questions by makeup lovers regarding what exactly a bronzer is, what it does and why it is needed. Personally, I can do without it especially since I use regular powders to contour my face. But for that sun bronzed, tanned look, a bronzer is super necessary.

There are different types of bronzers; powder (matte and shimmer), crème, liquid and even foamy bronzers. However, matte, powder bronzers are best for beginners.
There are bronzer brushes out there and really it depends on how you want to apply your bronzer. While I typically use an angled cheek brush or a small sized fluffy powder brush, you can try any of these;
The main issue with bronzers is that a lot of people tend to wear them the wrong way thus making it look like bronzers are just wrong. Like everything else in life, there is a technique which needs to be learnt.
  1. The basic step to getting a bronzer right is to apply it in the shape a 3 on the left side of the face.
  2. Place the bronzer on the forehead, the temple  and under the cheek bones. That means that the placement is focused on the side of the face.
  3. One thing to remember is that bronzer placement is to be where the sun would normally rest on your face. Whatever else you do, don’t forget that.
  4. Sweep bronzer on your neck bones too. We don’t want a dark face and pale neck.
  5. A matte bronzer is superb for contouring the face and nose. Just make sure the undertones match your skin perfectly. While a shimmer bronzer is perfect as a highlighter.
There really isn’t too much to applying bronzer and it really is that easy. 

Check out these videos from two of my favourite beauty gals: Destiney Goodley as she talks about great bronzers and my homegirl Jackie of LilPumpkinPie05 showing us how to achieve a perfect summer glow with them

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