1923 FOTD: Cool Sunday Look with Cornrows

2 Sept 2013

Hello lovelies,
It has been such a long time I had makeup on I hope I have not lost my touch.
A couple weeks ago I got my hair done at Apples & Oranges Spa in VI. First of all, I love the fact that they had an event for all naturals. That was very thoughtful of them and letting us get out hair done for free was the icing to top it all.

I had my hair washed and plaited into cornrows. That was my first time washing my hair out since I went natural and I had such high hopes. Thankfully, these hopes weren't dashed at all. My hair was washed and combed with ease and the cornrows were done while my hair was still damp which was just perfect for no breakage and all that.

While I didn't take pictures of the hairstyle itself on the day I had it done, I did take pictures, the sunday after, of my hair and makeup
Sleek iDivine Original palette for my eyes
Asta for lining my upper lashline
L'Oreal white pencil in my waterline
Khuraira mascara
Zaron brow powder for lower lashline
MUD Rose Clay lipstick & Sacred lipgloss in Nougat for my lips

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