Inspiration Match

7 Sept 2013

Why do we always have the urge to match our makeup to our clothes? Is it just a Nigerian thing or is it a global trend? There is nothing wrong with occasionally looking to our outfits for makeup inspiration but making it a daily routine can be very faux pas.
So where do you search for inspiration? Anywhere and everywhere.
Look around you, the sun, the colour of the walls in your house, your mood for the day, the grass on the lawn, your so gorgeous perfume, the food you eat for breakfast or the one you pack for lunch, the colour of your car or the scent of the air freshener. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.
Knowledge of colours is also key to knowing which colours go together. Your outfit can be pink and you could decide to go for a blue smokey eye or purple eyeshadow or even a red lip or you can have on only pink blush and a nude lip for the day. The possibilities are endless.
You are also limiting yourself when you consider your outfit for the day as the only inspiration for your makeup.
Remember, limitations are only in the mind, even if the colours don’t match, rock it girl and people will admire you all day long. So work it with confidence and don’t be shy.

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