Magnolia Makeup, Inglot, Shadow Shields & more - Haul from Gifty's Daughter

11 Sept 2013

Right after LMUF II, Funke of Gifty's Daughter gifted me with goodies she got from The Makeup Show
Magnolia makeup Infinity palette and pigments, Inglot lip paint, gel liners and a really nice short handled stippling brush.
During that same period, Michelle of Shadow Shields gifted me with a box of Shadow Shields (if you follow me on Instagram then you must have seen me playing around with these)
the white colour should be applied with care as it breaks off and ends up all over the place. It is beautiful when blended though.
Beautiful for an ombre lip, the blending has to be done on the lips though, by pressing and rubbing them together. I am yet to discover another way of blending this colour. I will definitely share once I do
I would have said this is the Magnolia Primary Infinity palette but it is actually more a custom selection than anything else. It is a knock-off of the MUFE Flash palette as it is a multi-use palette. The quantity of each product is however not as much as that of the Flash palette and they move around in warm weather. As seen from the images, the colour selection is also not as diverse as that of the Flash palette which is inclusive of 2 shimmer gold & silver shimmer products.
Swatched them on my lips. My favourite is the black by far, with the white coming close (surprisingly)
A small, fat handled stippling brush. Beautiful for liquid foundation application
3 no-name gel liners
swatches of the gel liners. Loving the blue and green though
My first Magnolia makeup pigments
Sublime is more of a glitter product than an eyeshadow and so a stickier base is needed to get it to show up more. Also, expect more fallout too
My Shadow Shields *thank you Michlle xoxo*
A recent die-hard fan of Inglot, this is such a beautiful peach nude shade, I absolutely love it. It is sooo creamy and soft but yet firm enough to withstand warm weather.


  1. The magnolia palette looks very nice....

  2. Great haul! I love magnolia makeup n' inglot. I really want to try Shadow shields

    Instagram: cmichellestyles

  3. Nice, been looking for stripling brushes tho. Where can I get ma :) the talented fashion-inclined CEOs and more)

  4. Shadow shields!!!!!! Finally! That Gifty's daughter has to be one makeup haven! I'm like the only one who hasn't been!

    1. Better hurry on there before you have to wait for another shipment


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