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30 Aug 2013

Hello lovelies,
How has your week been? Mine has been so-so, with work and no makeup. It really feels good not having to wear makeup all the time. Shame on me I know but still, the lure of it is always too strong to ignore.

I have been busy on Instagram as some of you know. Especially with my hair pictures and stuff. I definitely do more things with my hair now than before. They are usually off-hand and so I end up just having a picture of them and nothing else. I have however gotten a lot of feedback on my hairstyles and requests for tutorials so I just might start doing a lot more hair posts here than before (if you don't mind my crappy video skills that is).

Here are my recent makeup and natural hair posts. Would love to read your comments as regards natural hair tutorials and if you would love to see them

From top:
  1. #wedding things. Dress & earrings to match. Love the makeup, shame I don't have more pictures of it. Did my hair up in a bun and accessorised with a bow I folded from a strip of the asoebi fabric.
  2. Got the bantu twistout right. So much curls I was at a loss what to do with it all. This is definitely my go-to style for outings now, next to the huge curly fro I'm still waiting for.
  3. Hello everyone, Happy Monday. A number of firsts for me today - first bantu twist-out (which I'm totally rocking even though it didn't come out so great as my hair was still damp when I took the twists down), first time using the #sleekmakeup Supreme iDivine palette (I look forward to many more cos it's all kinds of gorgeous), first time wearing a cream coloured chiffon blouse to work and the first time in a long time that I've felt wonderful enough to know that I can take over the world *grin*.
  4. I'm loving my new brows ie. Darker, denser and more rounded. With the cornrows I had did at the Apples & Oranges event (i mentioned this event on Instagram and twitter)
  5. I promised to show pictures of my hair combed out to an afro. Here they are. I LOVE IT! Won't be wearing it out until it's bigger though.
  6. Stretched out hair packed in bun and the Maybelline Red Revival lipstick to work.
  7. My first official #braidout 


  1. Your hair has given me life this morning...LOL. Really amazing. Truly inspired to try some of the styles.

    1. Be sure to send me a picture after trying some of the styles.
      Cheers, xoxo

  2. I love your hair, so healthy & Pretty. I would definitely love to see hair tutorials

  3. your hair is the! Love it!


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