FOTD | with Limecrime Velvetines

I succumbed, I know. I succumbed to the gorgeousness that is the Limecrime Velvetines. From the moment I saw them online last year up till now, I am still in love with them, lol. When Funke of Gifty's Daughter announced on Instagram that they were now in stock, "they have to be mine", my heart screamed.

Nails | Wet n Wild Refresh-Mint & O.P.I. Red Shatter

The reign of O.P.I. Nail shatter has come and gone, I know. But it isn't a crime to still be in love with it enough to wear it now is it?

Review + Video | Illusions Cosmetics

Three years ago when I started my love affair with social media, I heard about Beauty Talk radio from one of the Facebook groups I was in. I was new to a lot of the technology then, and even to makeup too, so the idea of internet radio was revolutionary to me. The fact that the twin sisters Denise & Janice Tunnell were involved in it made them demi-gods in my sub-conscious.

Product Review | Sam Fine for Fashion Fair Canary Diamond Supreme Shine Lipgloss

Who doesn't love Sam Fine? The celebrity makeup artist for African American Hollywood and Fashions Divas. His time as Creative Director for Fashion Fair definitely heralded a new life for the brand and when the Sam Fine Fashion Fair collection launched, it was an international buzz like never before.

Inspire | iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks

I love my Samsung Note, the good Lord knows that. In recent times however, due mainly to work, I have to make use of the iPhone more than the Samsung. I have come to love it's portability and how compatible it is with apps...especially photography apps (morebeaute2 is my go-to selfie app. Thanks Amrezy) which kinda endears it to someone like me who is not just a blogger but a beauty blogger.

Nails | MAC Morange Nail Polish

Orange is a colour that can make you look very garish or pale if you have the wrong shade for your skin. Thankfully, my skin has just the right amount of yellow in it to balance off almost any shade of orange (and you all know how much I love Orange right? Tangerine Tango series people)

Don’t Let it Rain on Your Beauty Parade – 7 Steps to Help You Out!

Surprises are either pleasant or unpleasant and getting caught in the rain is a very unpleasant surprise.

Close your eyes and just think about it – black streaks on your face from mascara and liner, white and pink streaks on your face too from foundation and concealer (all mixed with the black streaks), hair clinging to your face, lipstick streaks all over your lower face from trying to get the strands of hair off your face. In general just picture looking a hot mess!

Inspire | 4 Things You Thought Were True About Time Management by Amy Gallo

If you know me well, then you know that one of the things I constantly seem to be struggling with is my time. From when to wake up, to the time it takes to get to work, to managing the communities under my jurisdiction to my personal social media, updating my blog, editing pictures/videos, shooting videos, taking the pictures, writing for,

Nails | L.A. Girl Disco Brites in Psychedelic

Seriously, wearing yellow nail polish requires some form of confidence and definitely a sunny attitude as it is a colour that exudes a lot of good cheer and attracts a lot of attention.

Tool Review | Sleek Makeup 'fixx' tools

The only Sleek Makeup fixx product I ever used were the Travel size brush set and I would love to add that they revolutionised my makeup application process and made me appreciate what the whole hullabaloo about makeup brushes were.

Welcome other members of the Sleek Fixx family - the 12 Emery boards travel pack & Blotting paper

Product Review | Afroriri Haircare: First Impression

A couple of weeks ago I received  a message via my Facebook fan page, from Afroriri Haircare. They loved my hair and wanted to send me 3 of their products to use and review. Now the deal was to publish a first impression post and after usage publish my findings about the product.

Nails | A Random Mani with L.A. Girl Disco Brites & NYX Advanced Salon Formula in Black

It wasn't until I graduated and went for my Youth Service program in Bauch state that I was 'legally' approved by my parents to start experimenting with makeup, nail polish and the rest of them. Prior to that my greatest fascination had always been with nails. I loved long nails, never mind mine were kinda stubby and didn't quite grow pretty. I would grow them until they mistakenly scratched my mom and then I had to cut them cos she had found me out.

So that's a little story about my foray into the world of nails. Not until recently though (especially because of dear Ezinne of who has the most gorgeous nails ever) did I decide to start experimenting with my nails and the different colours, finishes and brands I have purchased over the years. Here is a random design I did recently.

Event | The Beauty Africa Exhibition

I hate when I can't tweak press releases to suit my flow, aaarrghhh!
But I definitely can't just post it like that so I will start with a brief story.

My Hair | A French Braid and Another Updo

Don't be deceived, those bobby pins can be a sure cause of mind numbing headache.
A couple of hours after my super, duper, Janelle Monae inspired pompadour, the headache began. By the close of work that day I had taken out about half of the pins holding the rolls at the back. So I tried something else.

My Hair | Janelle Monae Inspired Pompadour with Khuraira Delicious Lipstick

There was a time when I was truly clueless about what to do with my hair. I had it mostly in calabar or in a bun. When I got tired, I promptly went to get braids done which I kept for a minimum of 2 months. Fast forward about a year and a half, I started hearing about updos, seeing them and wondering how they were done....

Fashion & #MyStyle | ChezJumelle Vintage

Vintage style never goes out of fashion, while wearing it right makes you stand out from the crowd. Besides, it is kinda comfortable. Vintage styling for me feels like home. I have also come to discover that perhaps I might have a colour calling which I have been dodging for years cos I am now so comfortable rocking colour.

Imagine how excited I was when the sisters who own Chezjumelle contacted me and sent these lovely items

Weekend Blues | #MTNLinkForum, Natural Hair Swag & #MTNProjectFame7 Eviction Party

Hello lovelies,
Happy New Week and New Month to you all *muah*
I had fun this past weekend. My weekends have been full of Project Fame, Project Fame Eviction Parties and the regular. This past one though, there was a break in routine. On Friday, we were at #MTNLinkForum which is for budding entrepreneurs and professionals, on Saturday was the regular Project Fame show and then the Eviction Party for Taiwo.

Of course, I took pictures. Some lovely makeup and natural hair ones too you bet
#goodmorning people. Trying to take a picture but Femi just had to photobomb me. So good morning from both of us. Will post an #OOTD & #makeup picture later. Like the #hairstyle? #instahair #instadaily #updo #naturalhair

My Hair | Bantu Knots Swag

I have tried Bantu knots once before. They didn't really come out well and the much anticipated Bantu knotout was a huge disappointment. Can't say I have mastered the Bantu knots to perfection (improved tremendously since I don't need bobby pins to hold the knots in place anymore. Have to reknot after a couple of days but it's aite) and definitely not even close to mastering the knotouts but I am much better at creating the knots now.