My Hair | Janelle Monae Inspired Pompadour with Khuraira Delicious Lipstick

4 Sept 2014

There was a time when I was truly clueless about what to do with my hair. I had it mostly in calabar or in a bun. When I got tired, I promptly went to get braids done which I kept for a minimum of 2 months. Fast forward about a year and a half, I started hearing about updos, seeing them and wondering how they were done....

...then Janelle Monae became a Cover Girl ambassador. I am such a lazy young woman especially when it comes to things that I can avoid doing. But that couldn't last for long, I realised the time had come for me to start doing something different with my hair or risk utter and absolute boredom which could lead to me succumbing to creamy crack.
At first, I tried these and they were a hit
Time to step up. A couple of months, youtube videos and bobby pins later, I came out with this. It looked like the perfect hairstyle to pair with dark purple lipstick (which was going to be my first time of rocking outside my house) and so I gave it a shot....perfecto!
i filled my lips with Davis wine coloured pencil and applied the Khuraira lipstick in Delicious on it. It was love at first sight for me and that lipstick, lol. I had initially thought that since the lipstick had shimmer in it, it would look tacky but it looked great and I apply it alone even now
What do you think of my Janelle Monae inspired pompadour hairstyle?
I should be more adventurous with my hair right?

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