My Hair | A French Braid and Another Updo

5 Sept 2014

Don't be deceived, those bobby pins can be a sure cause of mind numbing headache.
A couple of hours after my super, duper, Janelle Monae inspired pompadour, the headache began. By the close of work that day I had taken out about half of the pins holding the rolls at the back. So I tried something else.
First, you have to understand that my scalp is very sensitive and the slightest tension in it causes me a headache. I have taken a razor to cut the start point of cornrows before because they began at the same point and i ABSOLUTELY couldn't take it anymore. I took down the pompadour that night.

But I succumbed to all the compliments I got that day and tried to do the pompadour in another way. This time, with less tension. A french braid sufficed. I did a french braid up to three quarters of my hair, and loosely tucked in the rest of the hair at the crown of my head. This is what it looked like
rocking Khuraira lipstick in Passion
Not as glamorous as the previous one right?

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