Product Review | Sam Fine for Fashion Fair Canary Diamond Supreme Shine Lipgloss

25 Sept 2014

Who doesn't love Sam Fine? The celebrity makeup artist for African American Hollywood and Fashions Divas. His time as Creative Director for Fashion Fair definitely heralded a new life for the brand and when the Sam Fine Fashion Fair collection launched, it was an international buzz like never before.

I was only able to purchase one of the quads (read my review) from Gifty's Daughter but the only lipgloss in the collection eluded me. When I say this collection exudes premium, I meant it as it truly does. From the packaging to the actual products and yes, to the price, lol.

Imagine my excitement when I opened the goody bag from the WIE 2014 conference and saw Canary Diamond inside it. I was truly ecstatic.
What Fashion Fair says about Canary Diamond:
A high shine, sheer golden shade designed to enhance your pout for a glamorous look, this luscious, non-sticky gloss can be worn alone or layered over lip colour to add dimension.
Canary Diamond has gold shimmer in it which makes it great for highlighting the lips especially when used with a dark burgundy lip colour. I use it alone on my lips though. The consistency is very even and the shimmer catches the light making the lips very inviting *wink*. Gosh, I love that gold shimmer!. Would I recommend? Yes, if you can afford it. It's great that it is long wearing too as it helps the product last longer.


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