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Three years ago when I started my love affair with social media, I heard about Beauty Talk radio from one of the Facebook groups I was in. I was new to a lot of the technology then, and even to makeup too, so the idea of internet radio was revolutionary to me. The fact that the twin sisters Denise & Janice Tunnell were involved in it made them demi-gods in my sub-conscious.

Fast forward to 2 years later when I was finally able to afford an android device and got on Instagram. At first I went haywire but after a while I got my flow and got the hang of it. A couple of images and a lip image later, I got a like, follow and comment from Denise Tunnell asking asking if I would love to review some of their products. Was I dreaming? Hell yeah, I would love to I promptly replied.

A couple of months and loads of this and that in-between, my package from Illusions Cosmetics, owned by Denise & Janice Tunnell arrived *dancing shoki*.

I did a video review of the products but also felt that a couple of pictures would be nice too.

walnut is my perfect shade.
cream liners I'm looking forward to playing around with. I wonder if they are waterproof or if they will work well as eyeshadows on their own.
beautifully pigmented eyeshadows. I was delightfully surprised by them
first time using a flesh toned eyeshadow base. 
I'm still working on my lip swatches, lol
Enjoy the video review below
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