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29 Sept 2014

The reign of O.P.I. Nail shatter has come and gone, I know. But it isn't a crime to still be in love with it enough to wear it now is it?
I love the red O.P.I. shatter in red which is what I currently own. I am on the lookout for the black and white so please let me know if you come across them by any chance.
This was a very accidental mani I must admit because a) I had no clue how it was going to turn out and b) the red shatter was applied in a bid to help the mint polish stay longer on my nails, lol.
I have developed the knack of doing my mani in the car right before driving off at home or right before leaving the car when I arrive at the office. Fingers right in front of the A/C guarantees (not all the time), that the polish is dry before I begin work for the day.

The story of this mani is a bit different. I applied the Wet n Wild Refresh-Mint on my left hand while waiting for a Client over a weekend. After church on Sunday I wanted to even it all out by applying on my right hand as well. Alas, there were a couple of chips from the previous day's makeover. Not wanting to take it off, I whipped out the Red shatter and lo and behold, this was created. The shimmer used for the ring finger is a no-name brand I got at a drug store, perfect for emergencies like this.
Accidental mani turned gorgeous mani right?

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